CX Trends 2022:

Unlock growth with customer service

It’s time for you to win big with your customer service. We took our data from over 97,000 Zendesk customers and found that high-performing companies drive growth with customer service. 

Join this webinar and we’ll show you how you can do just that, become a force for change in your organisation, and improve your bottom line by putting customers at the top 

A new opportunity for customer service leaders 

With the huge changes of the past years, companies are on the cusp of a unique opportunity—driving business growth with customer service. 

Join thought leaders from across Asia Pacific, and get the tools and confidence you need to turn your customer service into an engine for growth

Here’s what you can expect: 

  • Uncover the five major traps that can weaken your bottom line, and get equipped with the tools you need to set your team up for success
  • Matt Dixon, author of The Effortless Experience will speak on how you can make sure your customers keep coming back   
  • Emily and Amelia Nagoski, co-authors of Burnout, will show you how you can keeping your teams from feeling overwhelmed and empower them to make positive changes 
  • Albert Lin from National Geographic will share the importance of processes to achieve your goals in unpredictable environments
  • Mitch Lowe, former co-founding executive at Netflix, will share how he built brands with exceptional customer loyalty and how to make unpopular decisions without breaking customer trust
CX Trends - APAC

Learn how you can tackle this year’s challenges and tap into the power of customer service to drive business growth

Leaders must prioritise customer service 

69% of organisations see a direct connection between customer service and performance but 40% say it isn’t prioritised by their leaders. Leadership must make the link between support teams and bottom line impact

The role of service teams needs to change

74% of leaders say that agents play a vital role in customer retention. Customer service leaders must manage the transformation and invest in agent well-being to see substantial growth

Businesses have to meet customer expectations 

Over 70% of consumers say that last year’s crisis raised the standard for customer service, but 68% feel that organisations still treat it as an afterthought. Lasting growth comes when customer experiences are prioritised

Hear from our speakers

Former co-founding Executive of Netflix

Mitch Lowe

Former co-founding Executive of Netflix

Sarah Reed

Sr Director of Global Strategic Events at Zendesk

Matt Dixon

Chief Research and Innovation Officer at Tethr and Author of The Effortless Experience

Jenn Lim

CEO & Chief Happiness Officer at Delivering Happiness and author of Beyond Happiness

Albert Lin

National Geographic Explorer and Engineer, most recently featured on Disney’s “Welcome to Earth” with Will Smith
Emily and Amelia Nagoski, Twin sisters and authors of Burnout

Emily and Amelia Nagoski

TED Talk speakers and authors of Burnout
Teresa Anania, SVP of Customer Success at Zendesk

Teresa Anania

SVP of Customer Success at Zendesk  
Matt Price, SVP of Global Advocacy at Zendesk

Matt Price

SVP of Global Advocacy at Zendesk 

Adrian McDermott

Chief Technology Officer at Zendesk
Chief Marketing Officer, Trustpilot

Alicia Skubick

Chief Marketing Officer at Trustpilot

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