Retail – The next chapter

Transform your customer experience

The pandemic has rewritten the rulebook on retail. Hybrid retail presents new opportunities. A new profile of shoppers emerges and the need for more personalised experiences is growing.

As in-person and digital environments continue to merge, what can retailers do to meet new shopper preferences that are driven by digital interactions and conversational experiences? 

You only have a few chances to impress your customers. Don’t miss this webinar.  

Join us on 16 August 2022 and learn how Zendesk could help your business adapt to the changing industry landscape and meet new customer expectations.

Time: 2.30pm AEST/ 12.30pm SGT/ 10:00am IST

Duration: 1 hour


  • Why customer experience matters more in post pandemic
  • The new way of customer service, characterised by digital-first experience and conversational service
  • How to deliver the best conversational experiences for shoppers with messaging, including practical demos on the use of automation and custom bots, and Instagram
  • Successful retail companies who have advanced their customer experience with Zendesk
  • Live Q&A

Our speakers

Irene Arieputri

Felicity Scheltinga

Senior Solution Consultant,


Principal Customer Success Executive,


See how these retail leaders are delivering exceptional shopper experiences

Zendesk messaging delivers a rich conversational experience

Provide omnichannel support 

Deepen your relationship with customers by meeting them where they are 

Build for productivity

Leverage automations, self-service, and AI to follow your shoppers’ full journey

Agility for your business

Integrations provide a more seamless experience, without ever leaving the Zendesk interface

See how Zendesk products can fit your shoppers’ needs

Easily connect Zendesk with your other systems