Retail – The next chapter

Transform your customer experience

The pandemic has rewritten the rulebook on retail. Hybrid retail presents new opportunities. A new profile of shoppers emerges and the need for more personalised experiences is growing.

As in-person and digital environments continue to merge, what can retailers do to meet new shopper preferences that are driven by digital interactions and conversational experiences? 

You only have a few chances to impress your customers. Don’t miss this webinar.  

Learn how Zendesk could help your business adapt to the changing industry landscape and meet new customer expectations.


  • Why customer experience matters more in post pandemic
  • The new way of customer service, characterised by digital-first experience and conversational service
  • How to deliver the best conversational experiences for shoppers with messaging, including practical demos on the use of automation and custom bots, and Instagram
  • Successful retail companies who have advanced their customer experience with Zendesk
  • Live Q&A

Our speakers

Irene Arieputri

Felicity Scheltinga

Senior Solution Consultant,


Principal Customer Success Executive,


See how these retail leaders are delivering exceptional shopper experiences

Zendesk messaging delivers a rich conversational experience

Provide omnichannel support 

Deepen your relationship with customers by meeting them where they are 

Build for productivity

Leverage automations, self-service, and AI to follow your shoppers’ full journey

Agility for your business

Integrations provide a more seamless experience, without ever leaving the Zendesk interface

See how Zendesk products can fit your shoppers’ needs

Easily connect Zendesk with your other systems