The End-to-End Customer: Retail Planning, Evaluation, and Investment

In this increasingly digital world, a moment is all it takes for a customer with a bad buying experience to never return. To ensure they stick with them through thick and thin, businesses have started placing a higher emphasis on embracing and adopting new CX technologies and tools. But what exactly are companies doing to meet consumers where they are?

To dive into the specifics, we asked 50 senior leaders and decision makers from Brick and Mortar Retailers and Online Pure Plays how they are planning for, evaluating, and investing in their renewed end-to-end customer experience.

Read more about these recent findings by WBR in the newly launched eBook The End-to-End Customer: Retail Planning, Evaluation, and Investment.

Some of the key insights include:

  • Retailers are shifting towards a Direct to Consumer (D2C) approach; with 82% already invested or are currently investing into D2C 
  • Conversational APIs, interactive social selling, and AR video tools are strategic areas for CX differentiation
  • An H1 2021 look at the top CX plans and priorities for post-COVID retail
  • Challenges To CX Technology Implementation And Strategy

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