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    Get to know your customers through communication, not transactions. Learn about players’ experiences and connect with them through Help Center, Communities, one-on-one tickets, social media, or chat.


    Support is simple when you have one platform to rule them all. With Zendesk you can manage email, chats, tickets, and social media all from one place.


    With Zendesk Embeddables, you can bring support directly to your customers. Our Mobile SDK for iOS and Android lets you build native in-app support, and the embeddable web widget puts support directly into your site.

Unity SDK for Zendesk

At Zendesk, we believe in giving you the right tools for the job. That’s why we see the value in providing a powerful, flexible platform for you to build your own experiences on. Our REST API was a great start, but we knew we could make the process even easier for game developers. Now, with the Zendesk plugin for Unity, you’re just a few minutes away from bringing a best-in-class support experience to any game. Sign up to get information about when this will be available or learn about our Mobile SDK for iOS and Android below. Sign up for the Beta


Zendesk Embeddables make it simple to get up and running with a seamless support experience for your users. Our Mobile SDK for iOS and Android allow you to add support to any native app experience. And our Web Widget let’s you bring Help Center, Ticketing, and Chat to any website with just a few lines of Javascript. We also keep things clean and easy on the back end so you never feel overwhelmed. View Documentation

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