Holistic AI platform for customer service including chatbots and much more

SupWiz Holistic AI Platform and chatbots

SupWiz AI chatbots allow users to perform advanced self-service tasks through natural language conversation such as booking a meeting, checking order status or even resetting a wifi router. Resolving more than 75% of user requests automatically, SupWiz chatbots significantly boosts the customer experience with fast resolution and 24/7 service in the customer's own language.

Automate through deep integrations: SupWiz chatbots are easily integrated with backend systems such as customer databases, product catalogue, and much more, thereby giving customers exactly the personalized help they need and offering extensive self-service capability.

Industry-leading language understanding: SupWiz chatbots build on an industry-leading language model allowing them to understand the specific domain language and context of customers contacting your business. For instance, a "ticket" for a traffic company represents a sale, but for an IT-service company it is something completely different. Such nuances are learned by the SupWiz language model and lead to the best customer experience.

Seamless customer journey and workflow: SupWiz chatbots function as any other agent in Zendesk and can pick up incoming chats, help your customers, and transfer the chat to a human agent if the customer wishes so. This means easy set-up and minimal change for both customers and agents.

Scale to much more than just chat: SupWiz chatbots are part of our larger holistic AI platform using our breakthrough AI technology to 1) automate requests on any channel (chat, e-mail, tickets, etc.), 2) route tickets, chats, etc. to the right agent or group of agents, 3) assist agents in solving even complex cases, and 4) provide deep analytical insights into the requests made by customers.

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