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CloudTalk for Sell

1 Rated CTI Telephony integration for Zendesk Sell with 140+ national numbers, SMS & Power dialer

Why choose Zendesk + CloudTalk?

  • State of the art technology stack for outbound calling & automation: Power dialer, Smart dialer, workflow automations and real-time data synchronization are just a few of the many features that will take your call center to the next level.

  • Pricing: CloudTalk offers state-of-the-art call center functionality at an SMB-friendly price. Plans start at $25 per month per user with no minimum commitment.

  • Get all the details: Schedule a 1-on-1 demo with one of our agents to discuss what you’re looking to get out of Zendesk + CloudTalk.

  • Try before you buy: We offer a free 14-day trial because we want you to be able to experience what sets CloudTalk apart first hand. If you like what you see — and we think you will — registration is a breeze.

When it comes to modern call center solutions, CloudTalk-Zendesk integration has what you’re looking for:

Want seamless integration?

Two-way synchronization of all your data means you can easily access client history on both the Zendesk and CloudTalk interface. Set up couldn’t be easier, too: in just a few clicks your Zendesk-CloudTalk integration will be ready to go — no IT experts needed.

Want Power dialer, Automated calling & Workflows?

CloudTalk’s Power dialer allows you to increase efficiency and the number of calls you make. Easily create campaigns with call scripts and surveys and let your agents focus on the prospects instead of filling out contact details.

As soon as a call is made, your prospect’s Zendesk profile will pop up in CloudTalk’s interface. You can then easily browse through information about the prospect either before or during the call. After the call, all relevant information about the interaction is automatically logged into the caller’s customer profile. This includes call date, duration, the assisting agent’s name and a full recording of the call itself.

With CloudTalk + Zendesk integration, you can also easily add customizable tags to your caller’s profile either during or after the call. These tags can help you categorize customers by their level of interest in your product, location in your sales funnel or anything else you might think of.

Want smart, helpful automation that will save you time?

CloudTalk automatically logs important data like average caller wait time, maximum wait time, average abandoned call rate and more. Furthermore, each inbound and outbound call is automatically logged as a ticket in Zendesk (including voicemails, abandoned and missed calls).

And be sure to take advantage of our handy click-to-call feature. Instead of having to manually enter each and every client’s phone number, all of your numbers will automatically be converted into a clickable format. Getting a client on the line has never been easier!

Want optimized workflows and increased productivity with SMS?

Workflow automation uses triggers to help you optimize your call center’s business processes. For example, CloudTalk-Zendesk integration users often set up automatic follow-up SMS messages at the conclusion of every inbound and outbound call with a given tag. Automatic SMSs can be set up for things like order confirmations and payment reminders, too. The best part? All SMSs automatically synchronize, so you can view clients’ SMS history in both CloudTalk and Zendesk.

Check out the video below for a quick tutorial of some of our 50+ advanced call center productivity features:

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