eZSign DocuSign for Sell

Send and keep track of documents you need to be e-signed.

The eZSign app, developed by Eteg Technologies, directly integrates your account DocuSign into Zendesk Support environment to create and view documents without leaving the platform. Send envelopes directly and collect electronic signatures in a few minutes with this integration.

To enable this integration you must have an Docusign account.

Docusign is a platform that allows the preparation, sending, management and signing of documents digitally, with the guarantee of their legal validity.

When integrated with Zendesk Support, through the eZSign app, you can send envelopes directly from the deal/lead/contact in your Zendesk account by uploading documents you have (no prior configuration on Docusign is required) or using templates. Templates fields can be automatically filled with data saved in the deal/lead/contact.

Key features/characteristics of the Docusign integration for Zendesk:

  • Send envelopes directly from Zendesk: send documents for electronic signature directly from your Zendesk account. It is not necessary to interrupt the workflow for access to Docusign and submission through the platform.

  • Take advantage of templates already set up in Docusign: use the templates that you already have set up on Docusign for direct submission by Zendesk. Previous creation or adaptation of templates on the Docusign platform is required.

  • Automatically fill data into documents with Zendesk data: create custom documents using the option to create Docusign templates and deal/lead/contact details.

  • Speed up sending envelopes by uploading documents: send envelopes from uploading documents. Little or no configuration is required on the document.

  • Use multiple subscription types: according to your Docusign account permissions, subscription types will be available for selection in the application (such as ICP-Brasil, DS EU Advanced and GlobalSign).

  • Insert initials in documents: even with the less personalized option of sending envelopes, it is possible to use initials.

  • Add contacts automatically: Contacts involved in the context can be added as subscribers with just one click.

  • Track the status of documents: through the app it is possible to track the status of the sent envelopes: stand-by, completed, etc. The registration of the sent envelopes is available in the app inside the deal/lead/contact used to send that envelope, registering the shipments by deal/lead/contact, as soon as the deal/lead/contact is updated.

  • Track deal/lead/contact from where documents were sent: tags and internal comments are automaticaly inserted with information from the envelope sent.

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Sales CRM
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Free 14-day trial, then $80.00 per month

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