Super-efficient and easy appointment booking to generate more sales.


The hottest appointment scheduling tool to generate more sales.

Looking to generate more sales? Optimize your appointment booking by email and online to gain time, energy and money. Our unique software makes appointment scheduling as easy as possible so that you can boost your productivity and sales.

Why use Lodago (video 1:48): https://youtu.be/SV-7ilsjVos

How to use Lodago on Zendesk (video 2:37): https://youtu.be/21XnMPMA3QY

You send interactive emails to your prospects from your CRM. The availability of your calendar is integrated inside the email.

Your prospect opens your email and can choose a time slot directly inside the email, without leaving their inbox.

We also give you booking links that you can insert for example on your website, in your email signature and in your automated emails sent from the automation platform.

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Lodago is pioneering the latest Actionable Messages and AMP emailing technologies for appointment scheduling!

An innovative tool to boost your productivity

  • Up to 60% increase* in the number of scheduled appointments;
  • No more back and forth email exchanges;
  • KPIs to customize and adapt your sales strategy;
  • More appointments means more money;
  • Avoid organizational problems;
  • Fewer cancellations.

*Source: The AMP website of the Google company, the official site of the AMP language

Exclusive benefits: free visibility & 200+ million company marketing and sales database

Promote your offerings every month for free in The TOP Person business magazine which is viewed by over 10 million businesspeople every month and on LinkedIn, where The TOP Person has over 20.4 million followers in total. This is only available via Lodago unique partnership with The TOP Person Ambassador Program.

We also give you access to a database of 200 million domains up to date.

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Key features:

  • In-mail calendar
  • In-mail booking link
  • Booking link in your email signature
  • Booking link for your website
  • Booking link in automated emails sent from your automation platform
  • KPIs to customize and adapt your sales strategy

Essential features:

  • Send your emails to multiple recipients
  • Set your availability in a few clicks
  • Your availability displayed in the time zone of your recipient
  • Your recipient can receive reminders of his appointment by email
  • You receive an email notification by your calendar for each new appointment booked, postponed or canceled
  • Personalize Lodago to match your corporate identity
  • Access your templates from the Lodago editor


  • A calendar available in all languages
  • The confirmation message is sent in all languages
  • Installation of the software in English and French


  • Connect your Google Calendar, Office 365 or Outlook Calendar
  • Connect Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, GoToMeeting or WebEx

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