Insights-led customer service analytics for Zendesk


Gain instant access to customer service insights – no data analytics knowledge required.

Surveypal is an AI-powered customer data analytics solution that seamlessly integrates with Zendesk to allow you to gain visibility into every interaction and improve contact center performance.

  • Stay on top of your service delivery expectations

  • See the monetary value of your decisions

  • Showcase the ROI of customer service to your board

  • Retain agents by consulting your Attrition Risk Index

  • Identify training needs based on customer feedback

  • Free up to 80% of preparation time for your 1-1s

Lead & scale your support operations with actionable insights

Surveypal integrates real-time and historical data from all your support channels to identify trends, patterns, anomalies, and possible issues in your day-to-day help center operations and sends you notifications to keep you in the loop.

Drive support performance and improve the overall experience without missing a beat - Request a free trial at today and find out how to make the most out of your customer service data.

Net Promoter ® Score Insights

Supercharge your Zendesk customer satisfaction surveys with Net Promoter ® Score and get insights straight from your NPS reporting!

Agent 360°

Improve agent and rep productivity.

  • Track individual agent performance over time

  • Identify top and bottom performers

  • Establish training & coaching needs

  • Monitor your agent attrition risk index

Learn more about Agent 360°.

Cost Analysis

Leverage data to reduce customer service costs without compromising support quality.

  • Spot cost deviations and the reasons that cause them

  • Figure out what is your cost per contact

  • Breakdown cost per contact by channel, team, contact reason, etc.

  • Pin down which communication channels to prioritize


Dig deeper and get the whole, accurate picture by looking at your strategic KPIs through multiple perspectives and identify areas of development when things don’t go according to plan.

Examine your KPIs from the following perspectives:

  • Teams

  • Agents

  • Contact reasons

  • Channels

Learn more about Perspectives.

Easy KPI overview

All your strategic KPIs are one click away. See how your core metrics develop over time and how they correlate with each other.

Combine the KPIs of your choice in the same view to get a holistic overview of the health of your contact center.

Open feedback analysis

Perform text, topic, and sentiment analysis automatically and turn your unstructured open feedback into insights.

  • Tap into qualitative feedback data, visualize it, and enhance your understanding of metrics and KPIs

  • Link open feedback to agent

  • Discover how your customers really feel about your brand


Your data belongs to you – we’re here to help you better understand it

  • Privacy compliant (GDPR, CCPA, etc.)

  • Surveypal is 100% cloud-based

  • Trusted by +600 companies around the world

Read more on Surveypal security & privacy.

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