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Available only to agents with “Talk - Partner Edition” seats (see zendesk.com/talk/pricing).

Justcall is a cloud phone system that allows you to make calls and send text messsages efficiently. We provide numbers in more than 58 countries around the world. JustCall makes it easy to setup a cloud contact center which can scale as your team grows. From simple call forwarding features to enterprise level call routing - we have covered everything. We integrate with more than 40 different CRMs and Helpdesks.

Following are some of the key features of our Zendesk Integration:

1. Make & receive phone calls and SMS from Zendesk Making a call is as simple as clicking a button next to a phone number. Moreover, our native app for Zendesk appears next to your tickets and contacts, so that you don't have to change screens or move away from your tickets.

2. Track your Activities, Call Recordings & Voicemails View your daily interactions with customers and keep track of every activity - automatically. Easily listen to previous calls and voicemails.

3. Auto-contact Sync All your Zendesk contacts are synced automatically. You can also make calls and send text/multimedia messages from our mobile apps.

4. Click to SMS and Bulk SMS Send SMS to your contacts directly from Zendesk and automatically log incoming SMS. You can even export and import your contacts in JustCall from Zendesk to send a text broadcast (bulk text message).

5. Convert Calls From Unknown Numbers into Contacts (Optional) You can grab incoming calls from prospective leads and convert them into New Zendesk contact.

6. Log Calls under the same ticket Unlike other phone systems, we do not create new tickets on Zendesk unnecessarily. Your calls are logged back under the same ticket from where they originated.

7. Track Call & Text Analytics You can track calling and texting activities on agent level directly from your Zendesk account. Also, you get access to detailed analytics from your JustCall dashboard.

8. All your text conversations are logged under the same ticket Our systems are designed to log your incoming and outgoing text messages with a customer under a single ticket. A new ticket is not raised for every incoming or outgoing text message (however you can choose to opt in).

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