QR Code Generator

Give customers easy access and generate QR Codes on-the-fly

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Give customers easy access and generate QR Codes on-the-fly

Gives your agents the freedom to share QR with your customers

An easy-to-use designed Rich-text editor menu will show up. Let your agents select a piece of text and convert that to a QR code by clicking the menu icon.

Ease of use for agents

These QR codes are always generated on the fly. This way agents can use this app in a variety of ways. Either by manually selecting text and convert it to a QR manually, or by applying a Macro to a ticket, the app then automatically converts QR shortcodes to actual QR codes.

Complete control for admins

  • Choose your own color
  • Change the error correction levels
  • Different sizes
  • A lot or less margin, up to you

Ideal for organizations with payment links, tracking links

Give your customers a way to gain access to (your) content faster.

Built by Sparkly. 14 day free trial included. Free for sandbox accounts. Sparkly, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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Works with
Ticketing System
Price (USD)
Free 7-day trial, then $29.00 per month

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