CSAT.AI for Zendesk

Auto QA, AI-powered CSAT Surveys & Live Agent Feedback with Sentiment Analysis


CSAT.AI automates QA, analyzing 100% of text, email and chat interactions with pre-built metrics. Want to know if the customer’s questions were addressed with empathy? Of course you do! That and many more metrics are plug and play. Want to customize metrics of your own choosing? We’ll power them with AI.

Customer Sentiment Journeys along with live guidances throughout the engagements help your agents to improve customer satisfaction.

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CSAT.AI automates QA, analyzing 100% of text, email and chat interactions. Without spreadsheets or manual entry, managers have comprehensive data to guide decisions - no matter if your agents are at their home or your office. You can even create your own phrase based metrics either on agent or customer language to be evaluated automatically!

In-the-moment analysis with alerts prevents bad customer experience and turns every customer interaction to WOW! service.

Optional: Automatic five stars review system built on positive reinforcement training/guidance helps your newer agents get up to speed fast!

CSAT.AI helps you protect your company and your people. Did a customer just threaten to sue you or abuse your agent? Manager dashboards display who needs to be followed up with.

CSAT Surveys powered by AI are included and completely integrated. Prevent over sampling of the same customers to reduce survey fatigue.


Our algorithms are trained on what we know, Customer Service. We take care of a significant amount scoring right from the get-go! The rest we learn along the way – gradually incorporating your company specifics into our algorithms to improve accuracy.

CSAT.AI’s Automated QA; Customer Sentiment; & AI-powered CSAT surveys guide agent success for customer happiness.

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