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Link Plentymarkets customers and their order history to your Zendesk tickets.

Plentymarkets app by LEAFWORKS

Plentymarkets app automatically checks and links Plentymarkets users and their order history directly to Zendesk tickets. For each new ticket a search by user's email is automatically done, but in cases no data has been found, agents can connect Plentymarket users manually with the following fields:

  • External order ID

  • Order ID

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Phone

Within the app, your agents will also be able to quickly check the status of customer orders and see an array of information like:

  • Shipping date

  • Number of packages

  • Invoice ammount

  • Delivery/Billing Address

  • Order status (Pending, Canceled etc.)

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