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Sync WhatsApp and Zendesk Support easy, without coding and secure.


Offer a wow experience to your users!

Easily integrate WhatsApp messaging and Zendesk via API with treble.ai. Keep your community engaged, boost agents' productivity, and have more conversations that end with a smile.

Staying in touch with customers doesn't have to be tough. Start using WhatsApp, a channel that your users love, to answer them faster and more efficiently. Ensure that every customer is well assisted!

➡️ If you have any questions about the integration, ask us at marketing@treble.ai

How does it work?

Improve customer satisfaction via WhatsApp. When someone writes to you in this channel, responses are pushed back into Zendesk as tickets. Assign them to agents and see all data related to it right in the app. Treble works now only with Zendesk Support.


  • Set up automated messages
  • Create and automate inbound conversations
  • Multiples agents connected to the same line
  • Open tickets from WhatsApp conversations and close them when solved
  • Assign conversations to your agents
  • Create personalized WhatsApp message templates (HSM)

Main benefits:

  • Provide personalized support and quick responses
  • Save your team's time and operational effort
  • Access to an easy-to-use editor and build chatbots without coding
  • Keep your customers happy, not just when you're online, but 24/7.
  • Respond to customers within seconds and send them relevant information
  • Reduce the stress of managing multiple conversations at once
  • Enjoy a secure and reliable connection with WhatsApp and Zendesk.
  • Support team based in Latin America

➡️ Go to treble.ai to learn more.

How to set up

To get started, contact our team to discuss the best solution for your needs. You can either schedule a demo, email us at marketing@treble.ai or scan the following QR Code:

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We will be glad to help you connect WhatsApp with Zendesk.

Why do you need a Treble account?

Our solution connects you with WhatsApp API, which allows multiple agents to use the same line, send mass messages, automate conversations, and more.

WhatsApp API is different from WhatsApp Business, as it's a solution that allows:

  • Multiple message broadcasting
  • Start conversations with non contacts
  • CRM Integration
  • Smart auto replies

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