Ultimate CS Automation Explorer for Support

Find your automation potential with a free, in-depth analysis of your CS data

Run the CS Automation Explorer by Ultimate to estimate your automation potential and discover the impact that AI could have on your customer support.

A Customized Automation Solution

Every customer support team is different, and launching an AI automation project can be tricky. That’s why it’s important to drill down into your own historical conversations to determine: (1) How much you can automate (2) What to automate first to drive the biggest ROI (3) What type of AI-based automation solution will work best for you and your customers.

Discover Your Automation Potential

Connect the CS Automation Explorer to your Zendesk CRM to receive a customized report that will help you understand your individual contact reasons, their potential for automation, and how well the automation will perform once you go live. Once you have connected to Zendesk, you will get an estimate for your individual:

  1. Automation Potential: How many of your customer messages could have been responded to automatically.

  2. Improvement on your Average Handle Time (AHT): How much faster you’ll be able to resolve conversations

  3. Updated First Response Time (FRT): How quickly you’ll be able to respond to your customers

  4. Reduced Agent Hours Time: How many hours of human agent time you’ll be able to save.

Download your results in minutes and share it with your colleagues so you can make an informed and data-driven decision on how best to proceed with automation for your customer support team.

How to get started:

  1. Connect your Zendesk to the Ultimate dashboard.

  2. Select the relevant department(s), tags, and timeframe.

  3. Click to analyze your data.

  4. Explore the results.

**Run the CS Automation Explorer for free or contact our Automation Consultants to learn more about the CS Automation Explorer.

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