Stylo AI Assistant + ChatGPT

Automated responses & translation enhancing agent productivity & brand-alignment

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Stylo AI Assistant + ChatGPT

Automated responses & translation enhancing agent productivity & brand-alignment

AI with generative text, problem solving, sentiment scoring, language translation, and powerful reporting.

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What Can Stylo Do?

  • Boost your agents with the efficiency and power of AI

  • Translate messages to and from any language

  • Standardize agent tone when communicating to customers

  • Automated ticket research and answers before you even look at the ticket

  • Identify and prioritize important tickets before customers escalate

Stylo Assist

Stylo Assist is a ChatGPT-powered tool

Stylo Assist is a no-setup-required AI assistant that lives right inside your agents' Zendesk tab, bringing the power of generative AI with ChatGPT to every ticket.

Agents can auto-generate responses to a ticket, customize a response around their own input, get a summary of lengthy or complex tickets, and handle ticket translation. They'll also see relevant resources including tickets, knowledge base articles, and macros all from right inside the Assist app.

Once installed, Stylo automatically integrates with your Zendesk, reading in Knowledge Base articles, previously solved tickets, and macros. Assist uses this information to generate unique messages that are specific to the customer's request, and configurable brand-level settings ensure the response is on-brand. Assist also translates any message into and out of any language in a way that sounds natural to the recipient, so that your agents can communicate naturally and effectively.

Stylo Sentiment Scores

Stylo Scores are sentiment score that actually work

Use Stylo Scores to create Zendesk triggers and automations that notify you or your team about frustrated customers, urgent inquiries, and help prevent messy escalations. Stylo Scores are ticket fields that update every time a ticket is changed, showing your team the current and changing emotional state of your customers based on their ticket content.

Stylo Reporting

Stylo's reporting dashboards offer powerful insights into your ticket queues

Get powerful insights into your ticket queues. Explore and compare customer sentiment over time, examine agent performance trends, and track key metrics at a glance. Quickly spot standout agents who are crushing their queues, unusually frustrated customers, and even tickets that are taking longer to resolve. We'll help you hone in on the important things to make positive changes quickly. Sharing your findings is a breeze – just export the reports to share across your organization.

Learn more at and reach out to us with any questions!

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