Stylo Assist + Sentiment

ChatGPT Assisting your Agents in Zendesk


Give your agents ChatGPT in every ticket.

Leveraging AI with generative text, problem identification, sentiment scoring and more.

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How does it work?

Stylo is a pre-trained AI that reads and understands every customer interaction, giving you actionable data on how your customers actually feel and what they are trying to say. It harnesses the power of Chat GPT along with Stylo's proprietary machine learning model to identify issues and produce responses that dramatically reduce time spent on tickets.

If you want to….

  • Give your agents the power of ChatGPT in every ticket

  • Improve the customer experience by reducing frustration

  • Improve agent awareness and behavior toward volatile customers

  • Catch and escalate angry tickets before they flame you on social media

  • Automatically update fields and tags with accurate issue data

  • Predict CSAT without sending any surveys

  • Get feedback on what features or updates are most upsetting to customers

  • Report on changes in customer emotions and agent activity

**Stylo intro video: Meet Stylo

Is it secure?

Protecting your data is our number one priority. Our founders' deep cybersecurity backgrounds mean we take protecting customer information seriously. Please reach out for more information on our SOCII Type II compliance certification and our policies and procedures.

How long does setup take?

Stylo has been pre-trained on 27TB of text data, so it doesn't require any training or adjustments - it works out of the box and learns and adapts to your business on its own. Our integration with OpenAI allows us to leverage ChatGPT to produce text responses instantly. The moment you install our app it goes to work analyzing your tickets, giving you instant feedback on how your customers feel, when those feelings start to change, and what they are talking about. Stylo is not limited to specific verticals or business types—B2B, B2C, Ecommerce through Education—it just works!

How much does this cost?

Start with a free trial for 30 days. Paid plans are $10 per paid Zendesk Agent, per month (not including Light Agents).

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