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We are a consultancy specialized in digital transformation to 7 years and as Zendesk partner in Brazil, we are prepared to do the whole process: Understand what you need, Build a plan, Deploy, Empower, and Perform ... We also help you to work with platform reporting, generating insights so you can break paradigms in your ecosystem, increase your agents' productivity, and transform customer service.

We value people, communication, intelligent solutions, innovation, and breaking paradigms; we value Omnichannel! We believe that together we can become one ... One language; One service only; One excellence. But how can we help?

Understand what you need: Our specialists are trained to provide advice and fulfill each project in an exclusive way. We make an in-depth analysis of the current scenario, identify the best plan for your organization, understand needs and create a customized project for the innovation journey of your customer service.

Build a plan: The plan and its phases are designed exclusively and its evolution is defined according to the need and urgency of delivery. Throughout the day, there will be a professional dedicated to the success of your project.

Deploy: Do not worry about the impact that acquiring and deploying a new tool can cause, we work focused on the success of Zendesk deployment and integration with the day-to-day work tools.

Enable: We follow the development of your team with Zendesk, instruct and enable users to have a high and fast level of adoption with the tool. It is worth remembering that motivated and well-trained agents result in excellent customer service.

We are Full Stack, we operate from start to finish. We believe that the end of a stage is the beginning of a new one, so we are constantly improving to generate new insights for your organization.


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