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Wrocław, Poland
Fly On The Cloud is a company specializing in digital transformations. We have already moved over 1000 clients to the cloud. As a Zendesk partner, we provide our clients with personalized solutions and support throughout the entire implementation process. We are a pioneer in the implementation of Zendesk product for financial and cybersecurity institutes. Our team has both technical and practical knowledge, which allows us to provide services at the highest level.

Our specialists will customize Zendesk for your business. We offer:

Training - trained employees stand behind every single success of your company. We make sure that your team has the right qualifications. We have already conducted 350 trainings with over 3,000 employees.

Implementation - with our help, you don’t have to worry about the implementation process. Because of our experience, we can help you implement new solutions keeping your company’s character intact.

Support - our technical support will help you solve any problems. We offer unlimited applications support 5 days a week

Consulting - we help you choose the best solution for your company. Our specialists have the knowledge that will allow you to find the most appropriate solutions.

Development - our development team can create integration with existing solutions and develop opportunities for the organization of Zendesk. We can build a custom solution for your company that will be integrated with Zendesk products.

Data migrations - our knowledge of the Zendesk data model allows us to easily migrate the data to any Zendesk instance. Whether you need to migrate your data between a third party system and Zendesk, or between different Zendesk instances or sandboxes, you can rely on our experience.

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