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If you are looking for an experienced and reliable Zendesk partner who can help you with getting started or getting more out of the platform, then you have found a match.

The landscape has changed

Customeres hope to have a smooth customer journey. And if that fails, they expect at least great service from your business. And nowadays, that means across different channels, covering different time zones, and in a timely manner - with a team working remotely.

86% of consumers…

...quit doing business with a company because of bad customer experience. And it’s 6 to 7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep an old one.

Customer service is as important as marketing now. Customers have high expectations and you need a system in place to meet them -- one that’s tailored to your workflows and processes, a platform that is scalable and flexible.

Let’s do this together

Your team might not have the time, experience, or manpower to do everything in-house. Or maybe, you simply want to make your implementation a success by having an expert work with you. You need a partner that can understand your business and your requirements. Our team can help you with a wide range of professional services:

  • Implementations - setting up Zendesk from scratch or improving live systems (including training)
  • Integrations - connecting Zendesk to other systems in your business
  • Reporting - building dashboards that help your business to make the right decisions
  • And more - data migration, app development, customisations, and other services

Why Guidoo Services?

Guidoo Services was founded by a former Zendesk employee who infused his 10+ year CX experience and knowledge into the company. The team consists of various experts, from developers to consultants. Moreover, we are a remote-first company -- we know how it is to provide service over a long distance.

  • Our largest rollout was with over 1300 agents
  • The most complex implementation was across 15 countries
  • Going live within weeks (and that happens regularly)

We delivered hundreds of successful projects and helped companies to get started with Zendesk or improve their usage of Zendesk. We have worked with various industries such as Retail, E-commerce, IT, Fashion, Entertainment, FinTech, and many more. We tick all the boxes: certified Zendesk consultants, approved Zendesk partner, fast, and reliable.

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