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亞洲地區提供Zendesk 系統實施/諮詢/訓練/開發/CTI整合/顧問服務,是亞洲地區Zendesk代理商。運用資訊科技,協助客戶數位轉型,創造價值。NewWave專注於顧客體驗(Customer Experience),全通路(Omni-Channel)整合的領域,CTI整合方案等。 We focus on the Voice Cloud(CTI) solution to help enterprise integrate with Zendesk. A Global Cloud communication provider (China & Taiwan) enabling communication via Omni-channel, Messaging, Voice, Social media, APIs empowering SME, Large scale enterprises & Startups.

-Zendesk reseller, Implements, omnichannel integration with WhatsApp, Line@, WeChat, Youtube, media.
-Located throughout Asia to provide the most comprehensive, responsive and proactive consulting services to our clients.
-Voice Cloud: focus on the CTI App solution on Zendesk to help enterprise integrates phones with CRM, ERP, Database in a way that the two can interact and communicate with better Customer Expersience.
-AI Chat bot- utlized NLP, AI technology to Improved Contact center productivity
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