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Meaningful time tracking and reporting made exclusively for Zendesk

Tempo Time Tracking brings a new way to log, track and explore time invested in customer experience in Zendesk. We offer time tracking with ease, extensive reporting and next level automation to make life easier for the front line.

Automatic suggestions in Tempo not only make time tracking a breeze, they increase the accuracy of logged time. Tempo tracks more than just time spent on tickets, it tracks the effort included to solve each ticket, whether it is research, testing or other steps taken to help solve a case for your customers. Also, time spent on other activities such as meetings, travel, company activities, etc.

Tempo is developed by tech teams for tech teams because we understand the need to focus on doing work instead of tracking work. Tracking time with Tempo is user-friendly with an easy to install app that is even easier to adopt. Agents can start logging their time immediately without a lot of training or onboarding.

Key Benefits:

  • Start to work and a real-time activity tracker automatically starts. When you finish, a log work form appears to complete the time record and the work can be categorized as billable or non-billable.
  • Get a sense of the workload in My Work, where agents can go to view and manage their day and confirm activities quickly
  • Log time on general tasks e.g. lunch, vacations, training, and sick days
  • Review the weekly report on work performed by your agents and filter out more detailed information
  • Explore main KPIs in the weekly report
  • Report on time spent grouped by customers and organizations, and go into each section more thoroughly
  • Consider time spent by the type of work, productive and non-productive, and prioritize team efforts
  • Seamless integration with Zendesk ensures agents never need to open another tool to log their hours. All of our users can individually select from multiple track timing methods to find the one that fits their daily workflow best. Plus, Tempo offers automatic suggestions of what the agent was working on

Tempo offers visibility into where teams are spending time in order to increase the internal return on investment and where there is room for improvements. Reporting capabilities include viewing time tracking data in any context giving managers and team leads an easy way to report on KPIs and understand where their teams bring the most value. With reports, you can calculate where you and your team are providing value and end-to-end reporting is available both for managers and end users themselves.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and never track time again in more than one place. Keep an eye on your KPIs and service commitments. Switch to Tempo today!

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