CX Trends 2022

We took data from over 97,000 Zendesk customers across 21 countries to help you become a force for change in your organisation. This report provides confidence, clarity, and the right insights to turn your customer service into an engine for growth.

Virtual event

CX Trends: Views from around the world

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During this virtual event you will hear from speakers from the Middle East, Africa and Europe their views, experiences, stories and practical takeaways. They will be exploring many important topics related to customer-led digital transformation, CX leadership and investment, and employee wellbeing over our two main panel discussions.

Followed by, the top customer service traps to avoid and the important trends identified in our research in our keynote, that every company serious about delivering great CX should be aware of. To help you continue on your journey, you will then hear from the local experts on how the latest trends in customer experience are shaping their business.

Get a recap of the full keynote and regional discussions here

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Driving customer 

service-led growth

Learn how to navigate common customer service traps and set becoming high-performing support organisation with Zendesk’s COO for EMEA, Peter Lorant

Regional discussion | Middle East

Regional discussion | Africa

Regional discussion | Mediterranean

A conversation with 


A conversation with OneDayOnly

A conversation with 


Hear from Alka Walia, Senior Director for Global Care & Service Operations from Careem on how they have captured the hearts and minds of their customers through exceptional customer experience.

Join David Hobbs, Training & Systems Manager from OneDayOnly as he shares their CX journey with us and how they mastered ecommerce.

Meet iMovo’s Joseph Casha, Chief Officer for Business Development & Customer Success and customer Massimo Dimech, Operations Specialist at MAPFRE MSV Life Plc, as they share local CX insights and how to get the most from your solution.

Customer service under 2-minutes

Watch our collection of short videos where our industry pros highlight the top customer service traps and why they’re important.


One-pagers fit for your business

Continue your journey by reading our personalised one-pagers that provide industry and market insights fit for your business size, region, and industry.

Customer service done right

Get an overview of the must knows for building best-in-class CX

What is a knowledge base? The essential tool you’re missing

What is customer experience optimisation? (+3 actionable tips)

What are customer touchpoints? Examples + how to identify them

Customers want answers, and they want them fast. Help customers find their own answers with a knowledge base.

Mapping the customer touchpoint journey is crucial for your business. This shapes how customers view your brand.

CX is always evolving—just like consumer expectations. Here are some ways to help boost your 


Making customers your company mission

How employee engagement boosts customer service

A guide to building a customer-centric organisational culture

A good employee experience is the backbone of good customer experiences—here's how it can result in better CX.

Your company’s culture is its identity. Learn how to build a culture that’s all about your customers.

Your cheatsheet to business success

Buying guide: How to choose a CRM system for your business needs

Conversational UX: A beginner’s guide (+5 best practices)

If you’re still trying to keep track of all your customers with spreadsheets, you’re ready for CRM. Don't know where to start? We will help you navigate through the do's and dont's. 

A key ingredient that companies often miss out—find out how you can leverage the latest technology to deliver the best customer experiences.

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