Unlock a future of intelligent EX

AI isn’t new – but its growing presence across the world is actively reshaping the workplace as we know it. Our report is packed with insights from over 800 IT and HR leaders in 17 countries, including how 83% of them recognize the value of AI for business decisions. 


More teams are leveraging AI

With AI, it’s no longer a question of when, but how. Just as CX harnessed AI-powered solutions to optimize experiences, deliver personalization, and boost efficiency, so has EX. Learn how AI tools have opened up new possibilities, with 76% of leaders citing greater responsibilities and enhanced creativity as some of the top achievements.

Adaptability is top of mind

IT and HR leaders emphasize work-life balance, with 84% agreeing that flexible schedules and work locations are a core part of this. However, they now face a challenge: balancing employee satisfaction, productivity, and team cohesion. Explore how AI-driven EX is essential for adaptability in distributed teams today.

The greatest EX is built on data

Organizations increasingly value EX for business success and are embracing data-driven solutions. Data evaluates remote employee performance, nurtures corporate culture, and pinpoints operational inefficiencies, informing strategic decisions beyond employee experience. 84% of leaders consider EX a critical business priority.







agree that employee experience is a top priority

agree that employee experience impacts the customer experience provided

agree that AI capabilities enhance the quality of work performed by employees


Explore the future of intelligent EX

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