Unleashing productivity with Tymeshift WFM

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Supercharge your customer service with Tymeshift, an AI-driven Zendesk tool that targets agent productivity with real-time monitoring and automatic report generation. Join our webinar to discover more!

A comprehensive and intuitive WFM solution

Tymeshift is an AI-powered solution built to help organizations track agent activity, productivity, and efficiency in real-time.

Visibility into agent activity and automatic tracking in Zendesk allows support teams to save valuable time previously spent on manual workforce management tasks by automatically creating schedules, forecasts and real-time reports. From renowned e-commerce companies to freelance platforms and leading telecommunication service providers, Tymeshift provided a track record of proven value that Zendesk will bring to even more customers.

Built for next generation support teams

Predictive AI-powered forecasting: Zendesk data is analyzed to forecast ticket volumes and subject matter, so businesses can reliably forecast future staffing needs with real-time insights to reduce operational costs

Scheduling: A completed schedule is automatically created based on customers’ staffing forecasts so that companies can schedule teams appropriately based on data

Reporting: Ability to visualize historical and real-time data to optimize costs and service levels

Visibility over team productivity and performance: Companies can see how productive agents are and analyze staffing decisions to make improvements

Meet our speakers

Vitoria Patriota

Petar Labudovic

WEM Consultant, Zendesk 

Associate WEM Consultant, Zendesk