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Creating great customer experiences in eCommerce is tough. Keeping customers happy means making every interaction matter. With Zendesk, you can make sure your customers get the support they need—wherever they’re interacting with your brand. Because happy shoppers are repeat customers—and that’s what makes a good brand great.

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A match made in heaven

Hear first-hand how eCommerce champions, Pair Eyewear and LuxDeco, balance hyper-growth with quality service using Zendesk + Shopify in harmony.

In this video, we walk you through how you can execute best-in-class, customer-first experience by leveraging key metrics, core Zendesk capabilities, and foundational integrations.

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See it to believe it

Watch how easily Shopify integrates with Zendesk.

A one-stop eCommerce shop

The best customer experiences happen when agents have full context into every issue. That's why we have partnered with Shopify to offer an out-of-the-box integration that ensures your team delivers the support your customers want. Think of us as your one-stop e-commerce solution.

“The Shopify integration was one of the reasons why we chose Zendesk. It's incredibly useful to see a customer's full details, social messages and purchase history in one place. 

“We explored other CX solutions, but none of them had the in-depth reporting and insights, automated features, and community support that Zendesk offers.”

Ben Segal

Senior Director of CX Experience

Pair Eyewear

Brian Durney

Chief Technology Officer at 


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Resources around the Shopify integration

With the sudden shift to digital and accompanying surge in customers reaching out for help, businesses need to be faster and more agile than ever. Learn how the Shopify integration can help your business.

Learn more about:

• setting up the Shopify integration

• setting up Shopify profiles and events

• Using the Shopify integration

• Upgrading the legacy Shopify integration

This report explores best practices for 

• setting your team up for success quickly,

• customising your tech stack with

pre-built integrations and

• scaling with confidence at no extra cost.