Your mother would love us

At Zendesk, we like to think we’re serious relationship material. We'll grow with you, we’re flexible, and we'll never stop working on ourselves. So go ahead, take us home to mama. Or your director of support.

What Zendesk offers

Zendesk products are easy to use and implement. We offer a wide range of customer service tools for businesses of all sizes, at any stage. Our multi-channel support solutions include ticketing, a powerful knowledge base, live chat, voice, SMS, messaging, mobile in-app support, and powerful analytics.

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Why Zendesk is Different

See why John Lewis Partnership calls Zendesk

“A bit of magic that helps us operate at scale.”


Powerful reporting, tailored to your unique needs

With custom metrics, custom reports, and flexible data visualizations, Zendesk's analytics enable teams to make sense of the information that matters to them.

“We’ve been able to create very granular reports and dashboards… Zendesk was a system we could grow with—which was really important.”

Michael Robichaud, Manager of Support Products, on why Coursera switched from to Zendesk


Built to scale as your organization grows

From one to one thousand agents, there’s no need to switch tools as you grow. Need to integrate into your existing CRM system, such as Salesforce? No problem. With our out-of-the box integration, your data will stay in sync no matter how quickly.

“The existing tool we were using was not able to scale. It was slowing us down, affecting the relationship with our merchants and agents were getting frustrated. We planned to roll out Zendesk in a month, and we ended up doing it in a day. It was shockingly easy.”


Innovation: Pour it on

At Zendesk we make software for innovators. It's flexible and easy to build on, and gives users the tools and freedom to try new ideas. Our open APIs and modern platform make it really easy to integrate Zendesk into your other systems.

“We were looking for a true partner that could lead us to adopt new customer success best practices that we weren’t considering before… Zendesk really stood out to me from the crowd because innovation is ingrained into its DNA.”

Will O’Keeffe,
VP of Customer Success


Partnership: we put a ring on it

At Zendesk, we help companies build better customer relationships. And we practice what we preach. With a world class Support & Success organization, we will be there when you need us.

“Zendesk is a company that walks the talk... It's one of our closest partners... and has become our main tool in building relationships with our driver community.”

145,000 paying companies trust us with their customers.

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