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Zendesk Rolls Out OpenAI's GPT-4o, Enhancing AI-Powered Customer Interactions

By Cristina Fonseca, Head of AI

Published May 16, 2024

At Zendesk we are committed to providing the best Generative AI experiences to our customers, and the industry is moving quickly. Our existing partnerships with OpenAI, Amazon and Anthropic let us use the right Generative AI to provide the best quality, speed and trust.

Last month, we announced a collaboration with Anthropic and AWS to help businesses deliver exceptional AI-powered customer and employee experiences. This month, in the wake of exciting developments announced at the recent OpenAI spring 2024 event, Zendesk is rolling out the new GPT-4o model to all of our Zendesk AI customers. In fact, we were able to test and rollout GPT-4o for production Generative AI use cases within 24 hours due to our advanced Large Language Models (LLM) benchmarking and our flexible deployment model. This will improve performance and speed for bots, agents and admins at the same level of quality.

We know staying across the newest improvements with our LLM partners like OpenAI will enhance Zendesk AI, providing our customers with the most complete AI solution for CX on the market. We are committed to leveraging the best available technologies and making them accessible to our customers without the need for extensive technical expertise. We’re helping customers of all sizes deeply understand and apply the right AI technology including proprietary models and/or the right LLMs to create unique and personalized business value.

All Zendesk customers can now leverage OpenAI’s GPT-4o model through our AI agents. For example, generative replies make AI agents more intuitive and 3x faster at resolving issues by generating human-like answers from a business’ knowledge base. These improvements make every customer engagement more accurate and satisfying. As we move more production workloads to GPT-4o, customers using generative replies will see a significant increase in volume and accuracy of replies, leading to better automated customer experiences and resolutions.

Further, our unique ability to benchmark, assess and apply new AI developments quickly ensures optimal results for our customers. In the case of GPT-4o, our evaluation confirms businesses can provide even faster service, without compromising on quality customer interactions. Additionally, our infrastructure is robust and can efficiently distribute workloads to ensure our customers are always able to access the latest Generative AI advancements.

As the competition intensifies and LLM providers persistently innovate, we are dedicated to continually enhancing our AI capabilities and delivering superior value to our customers by not just keeping pace with AI advancements—but by staying ahead.

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