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Our customers are always asking us what other customers are doing in Zendesk. Find out for yourself! Jump into the Zendesk community to meet other customer service and IT pros just like yourself. In the community you can get real-world advice, ask questions, learn best practices, share apps, and optimize your Zendesk! You can benefit from the collective experience of our users. And you can meet some of our amazing customers in the process.

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“Your community is the best I’ve seen from any of the tools we use, both from a content and customer activity perspective.”

James Zinn, Huron Legal/Consulting

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    User groups

    Join a user group to meet other users like you. A Zendesk user group is a gathering of our users in a local area ? to share best practices, discuss technical questions, network, and learn from each other. Enjoy an evening on us while you learn how to get the most out of your Zendesk! User groups are maintained by super-star Zendesk customers. We support the events (at no cost to the attendees) to ensure their success. If you want to lead a group in your area, contact us to get started.


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    Customer Community

    Get advice from customer service pros and jump into our customer community. Meet other users who are like you. Our community is monitored by a team of volunteer Community Moderators. These product experts use Zendesk in the real-world every day. They facilitate discussions, moderate questions, share valuable tips, and help users succeed. Community moderators are invited to the program. We are always looking for potential new leaders in the community!


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    Developer community

    In our developer community, learn how to unlock the powerful Zendesk API and how to create apps that add functionality to the agent interface. If you’re a developer, you can access Zendesk functionality through the Zendesk API. For example, you can create a new ticket using the API instead of using channels such as email. The API lets you integrate Zendesk features in your own applications. You can also build Zendesk apps to add third-party functionality to your Zendesk.


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