IT Service Success

IT service management: a simple guide to success

For IT teams supporting internal users, fellow employees are customers, too. It’s true they’re not paying for the service you’re giving them, but their experience with your IT support team has a direct impact on your reputation–just like “real” customers do. Our IT service management success kit is a collection of resources and tools to help you provide great IT service without sacrificing productivity.

Customer perspective

“Problems happen, and technology has a propensity to fail. When that happens, communicating the efforts to get it back up and running is what really counts.”

Kevork Isikbay, University of Portland

ITSM resources

Case studies

  • How to centralize your IT support

    A help desk that’s simple, powerful, and transparent (and no need for ITIL certification). Read the story

    REA Group REA Group
  • “I can quickly sort all open and pending tickets so that nothing ever slips through the cracks. We can easily see all open conversations and monitor how well we’re delivering on our SLAs.”
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    Lucille R., eSolutions Manager, NA Global Delivery Center, Xerox Corporation Lucille R., eSolutions Manager, NA Global Delivery Center, Xerox Corporation
  • “We’re seeing enormous productivity benefits. We can solve tickets easier and faster because we have greater visibility on our users and infrastructure.”
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    Alex Tsarapatsanis, IT Technician, Ledarna Alex Tsarapatsanis, IT Technician, Ledarna
  • How to get rave reviews for IT support

    Keeping employees happy and productive with responsive support through a variety of channels. Read the story

    OpenTable OpenTable
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