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Five signs it’s time to switch from Freshdesk to Zendesk

Freshdesk switch guide
As your business continues to expand (more customers, bigger internal teams, new products, new regions) and customer experience becomes a core function of your business, you need a customer support solution that won’t hold you back.

If you initially chose a solution that was “good enough,” you’ll start to experience some common pain points.

Based on our industry expertise and feedback from our customers, there are five common signs that it’s time to switch from Freshdesk to Zendesk:

1. Your current reporting isn’t delivering the insights your business needs.

2. Your support organization is growing and requires better workflows and customizations.

3. You want to future proof your support with a solution you can customize over time.

4. Your support team uses multiple systems and needs visibility across multiple teams and internal tools.

5. Your support team is struggling to keep up with customer demands.

Download our comprehensive guide to get the facts before you switch.

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