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Industry Trends Webinar: The Future of Customer Service

We believe that a look at the top ten customer service trends released by Forrester Research early in 2015 make one thing clear: customers expect businesses to innovate their way into the future, and to adopt and embrace the smart technology available today.


Watch this on-demand webinar and hear directly from guest speaker Kate Leggett, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, as she shares personal insights into the top three trends affecting your ability to deliver excellent service, retain customers, and increase top-line revenue:

  • Customers will embrace emerging channels to reduce friction
  • Customer service will adopt a mobile-first mindset
  • Companies will explore proactive engagement


Kate is joined by Ali Rayl, Director of Customer Experience at Slack. As a Zendesk customer for more than 3 years, and with a strong product, customer-centric philosophy, and tight integration with Zendesk, Slack as an innovative company that demonstrates each of these three trends.

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