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Illuminate SF: A Strategic Approach to Customer Engagement [replay]

A new era of customer engagement is here, and the collective customer voice is loud. We've talked about this before, and we'll talk about it again. In fact, following our Illuminate event in New York City, we brought the conversation home to the west coast, where customer service leaders from companies including Mindbody, GREE International, Pivotal, Skullcandy, and New Relic gathered in San Francisco for a series of panel discussions.

Check out our video replay or highlight clips to learn how these companies are meeting their customers wherever they are and making the support experience as effortless as possible. You'll walk away with practical, actionable advice for building out an engagement model that works for your company (plus, you'll learn the value the old fashioned sticky note and the power of a bear hug).


Introduction:  Bringing Customer Service Directly to Your Customers

Panel 1: The Path to Your Customer Engagement Strategy

Panel 2: The Effortless Experience


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