What’s new at Zendesk: March 2018 – Americas

<5 min.

The Future of eCommerce Customer Support Webinar Series

How Zola marries modern registries and compassionate customer service with Zendesk

Knowledge management best practices

Team up on self-service with Team Publishing

Proactive support: The right way to engage

Moving from platform to best of breed

Forrester: Transform Customer Processes And Systems To Improve Experiences

How Zendesk scaled to 100,000 customers in 150+ countries: simply and beautifully

Research links volunteering with happier employees and customers

How LimeBike rides past the competition with a world class customer experience

How Dollar Shave Club implemented AI with Zendesk

5 - 10 min.

How to create a stand-out customer service resume

Customer effort: Work it, so your agents and customers don’t have to

The Zendesk omnichannel approach

Improve your self-service with the right metrics

<5 min.

How live chat helps businesses and consumers

The Multi-Channel Customer Care Report

Getting started with Zendesk Guide: strategies and best practices

IDC: Supporting Customer Experience Initiatives

4 Crucial Trends for the 2018 Holiday Retail Season

What’s New at Zendesk: November 2017 – Europe

What’s New at Zendesk: November 2017 – Asia Pacific

What’s New at Zendesk: November 2017-Americas

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