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Forrester’s Top 10 Customer Service Trends for 2016

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What’s New in Your Zendesk: Pack in the Productivity

Predicting customer satisfaction helps prioritize interactions and prevent churn

Delivering high-impact phone support, featuring DonorsChoose

Download: The best hold music since ‘Careless Whisper’

Forrester’s Top 10 Customer Service Trends for 2016

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Gartner: Best Practices for Making Live Chat a Must-Have Engagement Channel

How Rapha Uses Zendesk

Bright Ideas: Retail Customer Stories

Gartner Predicts 2016: CRM Customer Service and Support

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What’s New in Your Zendesk: Advanced Voice

Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning and Meaningful Customer Relationships

Zendesk Deep Dive: Dynamic Content and Localization

Industry Trends Webinar: The Future of Customer Service

Effort and Conversion: An Inverse Relationship

What’s New in Your Zendesk: Establishing Innovation

Productivity for a Cause—How EDUs and NPOs Can Extend Zendesk with Apps

Effortless Customer Experience featuring Genesys

Forrester Brief: Focus On Three New Service Experiences

Gartner: Why You Need To Rethink Your Customer Self-Service Strategy

Zendesk Deep Dive: Customizing Insights Reports and Dashboards

How Le Tote Uses Zendesk Chat and Support

Top 3 Tips to Becoming a Profit Center

Getting Schooled with Zendesk: EDU Customer Stories

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