Happy customers, happy bottom line

How to Hire the Best Customer Support Reps

With the rise of technology, companies are adopting better and better system solutions each year. Changing the tools your company works with can revolutionize the way you do business all the way down to how you interact with customers. Better tools mean better interactions, and better interactions mean happier customers.

These days, traditional customer service solutions can’t keep up. In order to exceed customer expectations, businesses need agile system solutions. Agile customer service tools can help your business save money, increase revenue, and keep your customers happy by increasing agent productivity, reducing training, and increasing self-service.

To learn more about the benefits of agile customer service, access your copy of the Happy Customers, Happy Bottom Line eBook below.

Getting started with Zendesk Talk


Getting started with Zendesk Talk will help you set up and make the most of Zendesk Talk, including tips for:

  • Developing goals and strategies for providing great support over the phone
  • Organizing and optimizing your phone support infrastructure
  • Finding and train the most talented agents
  • Measuring and improving the support you provide your customers

Even in the age of email, social media, and whatever new channel is just around the corner, customers still prefer to use the phone for communicating with companies. Whether it’s to resolve complex support issues or to receive personalized service, many people appreciate companies that make the investment in providing quality support over the phone.

Zendesk Talk is cloud-based call center software that helps companies provide more personal, productive phone support. It’s built right into the Zendesk Support multichannel ticketing solution, allowing teams to deliver phone support from the same platform they use to manage all other customer conversations. Easy to set up and use, Zendesk Talk helps organizations boost agent productivity, improve cross-channel reporting, reduce costs, and—most importantly—improve the customer experience.

This ebook is designed to help you successfully implement Zendesk Talk. It includes high-level guidance, as well as best practice tips, to ensure you and your team can provide—and continue to improve—great phone support to your customers.

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Customer Service's Role in Creating Excellent Retail Experiences

Given today’s evolving consumer expectations and the advent of new technologies, customer service is more important than ever. Simply put, customer service directly impacts customer experience and retail companies can’t afford to get it wrong.

IDC conducted a global survey to determine how customer service impacts every retailer’s bottom line. Download “Customer Service’s Role in Creating Excellent Customer Experiences” whitepaper to learn about:
● How customer service impacts your business
● Key characteristics of excellent customer service
● Metrics that matter
● Technology & analytics needed

How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Think about your best relationships. Chances are, there’s a great deal of trust between the two parties, and there’s not a lot of ongoing drama involved. Very few relationships are totally drama-free, but if you’ve built up enough trust, you can usually get through the bumps and even come out stronger on the other end.

The relationship between a business and its customers is no different. To succeed long-term, companies must build trust with their customers and make their experiences as effortless as possible (no drama!).

It’s not quick or easy, but when you achieve both, your business is repaid with long-term customer loyalty. And when something inevitably does go awry, you’re more likely to get through it without losing the customer.

Creating an effortless experience and building loyalty, however, is anything but effortless. It takes work—lots of it. To help set you on the right path, we teamed up with our friends at HubSpot on a new customer loyalty ebook: How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back.

Download this ebook to learn about:

  • Innovation. It all starts with offering innovative products and services and continually improving them over time.
  • Communication. Clear communication that accurately represents your brand builds trust, and that goes for every channel and interaction—from support reps answering the phones to your website writers.
  • Education. Customers increasingly prefer to learn about your products and services—and answer questions and solve problems—themselves.

  • From that foundation, the ebook goes on to outline ways to build an effortless experience that will help you improve customer retention and stickiness, all drama-free.

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A Retailer’s Guide to Getting Omnichannel Customer Service Right

Retail Omnichannel eBook

With consumers shopping in more channels than ever, retailers have been forced to evolve. It's all about aligning your business to ensure the shopping journey is as seamless, quick, and hassle-free as possible.

Still, we all know there are going to be issues as consumers transition from mobile devices to in-store experiences to the web—and back again. That's when having the right omnichannel customer service program in place becomes so valuable. Being able to efficiently and effectively serve your customers in the channels they choose will make them happier, breeding loyalty in the long run.

Download this ebook to learn:

  • How to perform a customer service audit
  • Steps for executing and delivering an omnichannel strategy
  • Tips for optimizing omnichannel service levels
  • From brands doing it right

6 Steps to Deploying Chat on Your Website

6 Steps for Deploying Chat on Your Website

Live Chat is a faster and more personal way to engage with customers. But to make the most of live chat, you'll need to learn how to properly deploy and manage it.

This comprehensive guide will provide the necessary resources for successfully implementing and deploying chat. You'll learn how to:

  1. Align chat goals with your business objectives
  2. Manage customer experience and chat volume
  3. Determine your staffing requirements
  4. Train agents to chat effectively
  5. Build a chat workflow
  6. Monitor and iterate on your success

The guide brings together the Zendesk Chat team's collective live chat knowledge and experience into one comprehensive resource, offering high-level guidance, as well as best practice tips for support managers and administrators implementing live chat on their site.

Customizing Zendesk Insights

Customizing Zendesk Insights
Zendesk Insights is a platform for analyzing your team’s customer support interactions and their impact on your customer relationships and the health of your business. Because Insights lets you combine granular, down-to-the-touch support data with contextual information about your customers (like tenure, total spent, and Net Promoter Score—or just about anything else), your ability to create reports is limited only by your imagination.

If you’re comfortable using GoodData to create custom metrics and want to start designing actionable reports to enlighten and motivate your colleagues, this guide is for you. Customizing Zendesk Insights contains 14 examples of multivariate visualizations to provide you some business intelligence inspiration. You’ll see screenshots and read interpretations for sample reports that can be used for:

  • Optimizing support operations: fine-tuning processes for faster responses and happier customers
  • Root cause analysis: discovering what drives customer support costs
  • Proactive engagement: going to your customers first with product changes that could generate support requests

There’s something for everyone. Whether your team is 5 or 500 strong, Customizing Zendesk Insights will give you plenty of ideas for turning your business into a truly data-driven organization.

How to Migrate Your Help Desk System

How to Migrate Your Help Desk System

A data migration project is enough to strike fear into your heart, especially if you don’t do it routinely. When you decide to change a critical system like your help desk, how do you choose what information must stay and what should go? And after that, you have to actually move the data and keep it intact so those who rely on it can carry on with their jobs.

The complexity involved in moving help desk data from one system to another is undeniable, but with the right kind of planning and preparation you'll accomplish it—and see your fears should be reserved for something else, like...penguins?

Learn more about the four Ps of a successful migration strategy (and penguins):

  1. Planning
  2. Preparation
  3. Phases
  4. Post-migration

The Mysterious Case of Ticket X

Customer service can seem like a scary endeavor. There are ghastly tickets out there in the night, just waiting to strike at the very heart of your support team. Some suck up your time and energy. Others are known to take a vicious bite that festers, threatening to infect your entire team.

Within this tomeThe Mysterious Case of Ticket X are tales of some of the more devilish tickets our team has encountered. It is our hope that by becoming acquainted with these tickets—and the agents we dispatched to deal with them—you too will be prepared to face any monstrous ticket. Only then shall you earn the vaunted "Yes, I was satisfied" response from the ticket's creator.