C-TRON, the face of old school customer service

Innovating is tough, but working with outdated technology is even tougher. CommunicaTRON (tenderly known as C-TRON around our offices) is a throwback to what old school customer service looks—and sometimes feels—like. C-TRON represents the outdated customer service technologies that many businesses still rely on, like impersonal message automation services or disorganized email management systems (we can help with that!). Without a unified system for customer support, unnecessary fires (err, problems) can sometimes occur, frustrating everyone. No matter how great your customer service agents are, they can’t reach their maximum potential with outdated technology.

ICMI report: Uncover the Hidden Profits in Your Contact Center

This whitepaper provides actionable insights on how to effectively deliver value in four key areas and highlights where the opportunities for an organization to profit are hiding.

Our findings uncovered key contributing factors as to why today’s contact center struggles to identify, demonstrate, and defend their strategic value, return on investment and overall benefit to the organization. This whitepaper reveals the key components to becoming a profit center and provides concise instruction and actionable ideas for overcoming the barriers in their way. You’ll discover the dangers of neglecting valuable data points including forecast accuracy, customer retention, and voice of the customer feedback.

Lastly, receive best practices for measuring, managing, and reporting the most important insights leveraged by leading profit centers.

More of a visual person? Check out this infographic for a condensed version of some of the findings and recommendations from the report.