Schedules in Zendesk Support

With Schedules in Zendesk Support you can build workflows and analysis around the hours of your customer service operation. This short video shows two examples of how Schedules can improve your customer experience and team reporting.

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C-TRON, the face of old school customer service

Innovating is tough, but working with outdated technology is even tougher. CommunicaTRON (tenderly known as C-TRON around our offices) is a throwback to what old school customer service looks—and sometimes feels—like. C-TRON represents the outdated customer service technologies that many businesses still rely on, like impersonal message automation services or disorganized email management systems (we can help with that!). Without a unified system for customer support, unnecessary fires (err, problems) can sometimes occur, frustrating everyone. No matter how great your customer service agents are, they can’t reach their maximum potential with outdated technology.

Zendesk demo

zendesk demo
Watch our on-demand demo of Zendesk Support and other Zendesk products.

During the 30 minute demo we’ll cover:

  • Zendesk 101: our company, our products, and how to get the most out of our multi-channel help desk.
  • How to build a better customer experience with Zendesk products, including the basics of self-service and chat.
  • How to be a more effective support leader with analytics in Zendesk, and how to measure customer satisfaction.
  • Helpful resources to ensure you’re successfully getting started with Zendesk.

Watch our on-demand demo below:

This is Zendesk

We think we are a different kind of company, and we hope that's a good thing. This short video will give you a little insight into who we are, and our style.

Why Zendesk