Zendesk Feature Close-Up: Triggers

Let’s be honest: There are a wealth of features to think about when you’re building a workflow. In Zendesk, triggers are by far the most beloved and arguably the most important. For good reason—they’re powerful and have the capacity to shave precious seconds off every support interaction. Those seconds add up. Triggers can eliminate manual processes, which reduces keystroke errors and, in turn, makes your data more reliable. They'll also keep working for you by running in the background as a ticket moves through its lifecycle, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks for your agents and customers.

In this on-demand webinar, Zendesk Trainer Emily Page will show you just how much work triggers can do for your team. Whether you’ve just started mapping out a workflow or you’ve been using Zendesk for years, tune in for some pro tips that will make sure you’re up-to-date on the creative ways to use triggers.

The Shifting Mindset: Why You Need to Prioritize HR Service Delivery

Human Resource organizations are at an inflection point. SaaS technologies are enabling them to transform the way they attract, hire, engage, and communicate with employees. The question for most organizations isn’t whether to move to the cloud but where to start.
Join us for a webinar with Lance Haun, Practice Leader at The Starr Conspiracy, and David Hanrahan, VP of People Operations at Zendesk, as they discuss why it’s more important than ever before to take a customer-centric approach to serving your workforce.

    Lance is a practice leader at The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit, the research, consulting, and publishing arm of The Starr Conspiracy. Before joining The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit in early 2013, he was an editor at ERE Media for over three years. Lance is a regular speaker, having spoken at the numerous national and regional events and webinars. He is regularly interviewed as an expert on HR and recruiting issues by The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC.com, HR magazine, Workforce Magazine, Fast Company, and BNET.com.

    David Hanrahan is the VP of People Operations at Zendesk in San Francisco. Zendesk is a technology company that provides a comprehensive set of tools for clients to manage customer relationships. Previously at Change.org, Twitter, and Electronic Arts, Mr. Hanrahan has over a decade of leading innovative HR and Recruiting functions in the tech industry. His proudest accomplishment is his daughter, Stella.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn: 
    ● Strategies to implement and pitfalls to avoid for HR service delivery
    ● How HR help desks can help organizations deliver on increased productivity, improved compliance, and a better employee experience via easy tools and robust insights
    ● What to look for in HR service solutions
    ● Why a more service-oriented mind-set is crucial for HR organizations

How Businesses use Machine Learning for Customer Experience

Leveraging data to predict customer satisfaction is more important than ever––it can help your business engage with customers proactively, improve operations, reduce customer churn, and improve customer relationships over the long-term. Think better support experiences for everyone.

Ken Landoline, principal analyst at Ovum, focusing on customer engagement, where he analyzes and tracks contact center hardware/software technologies and associated applications for both on-premise and cloud-based solutions.

Adrian McDermott, Senior Vice President of Product Development at Zendesk, will join Landoline to discuss how your business can use machine learning to provide a better customer experience.

Join us for a unique opportunity to learn from guest speaker Ken Landoline, Principal Analyst at Ovum, a market-leading research and consulting business.

This webinar will cover:
● How customer expectations and behaviors on support channels have changed
● The roles and impact of big data and machine learning on customer experience
● How predicting customer satisfaction helps prioritize interactions and prevent churn rates
● The future of data, analytics, and customer service

This webinar is complimentary, so feel free to spread the word and share with colleagues who you think might benefit from this.

Making Multichannel Support Simple and Successful

Email. Phone. Chat. Messaging. Customers want to connect with companies over a variety of channels. And regardless of channel, they expect a seamless experience.

Join Matt Price, Zendesk’s SVP of Emerging Businesses, to learn more about how businesses are improving the experience for their customers and reducing costs by integrating new channels into their support operations.

We’ll also be joined by Matthew Grossman, co-founder and COO of Dorm Room Movers, the industry leader in college student storage and shipping, who will talk about how Dorm Room Movers is boosting agent productivity and reducing costs by integrating email, phone, chat and SMS support over one platform.

During this 60-minute webinar, we’ll cover:
● How to boost agent productivity through integrating new channels
● How to improve customer satisfaction with more seamless support
● How to set up new channels quickly with just a few clicks
● Tips and tricks for support leaders to successfully manage multiple channels

Matt Price is Zendesk's SVP of Emerging Businesses, overseeing Zendesk Voice, Zopim, Message and other emerging product lines. He founded the Zendesk Europe office in 2011 and regularly comments in the press and speaks at conferences on the future of customer service in a multichannel world.

Matthew Grossman is co-founder and COO of Dorm Room Movers, the industry leader in college student storage and shipping. Since launching Dorm Room Movers in 2007, right after graduating from college, he and his partner Leor Lapid have scaled operations to over 150 campuses, moving over 20,000 students.

Josh Frank is a Product Marketing Manager at Zendesk where he leads go-to-market activities for Zendesk’s products. He is passionate about helping companies build better relationships with their customers.

Thriving in the Expectation Economy

Today’s shoppers aren’t unreasonable—they simply want companies to deliver on their promises. When companies don't, consumers tend to take their complaints online, unafraid to share a bad experience or hoping for a better result.
In this way, customers are defining what great support looks like. They're telling companies what they need and want, and it's up to each company to listen and to begin to anticipate customer needs in the near future.
At Zendesk, we know that staying on-trend is a full-time job. That's why we’ve brought in an expert to talk about the top five retail customer service trends that you need to know to exceed shoppers' expectations.
Join us, along with Maxwell Luthy, TrendWatching’s Director of Trends & Insights, to learn more about five crucial trends that affect a shopper’s experience and buying power.
The five top trends we’ll discuss:
● Contextual Omnipresence: Be where your customers are when they need you
● Informal Info: Speak the language of your customers
● Beneficial Intelligence: Machine learning and artificial intelligence
● Taste-led Targeting: Tailor your marketing for an audience of one
● Video Valet: Webcam-enabled facetime

What's New in Your Zendesk: Making Customer Service More Effortless

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When we make support effortless we foster better relationships between businesses and customers. This “What’s New in Your Zendesk” webinar focuses on new product areas that help to make the customer experience more effortless. Katherine Kelly and Josh Frank from the Zendesk Product Marketing team, and Steven Yan from the Product Management team cover the latest feature releases during this on-demand webinar.

In this recorded, 45-min webinar, we discuss:
• New channels in Zendesk that enable customers to find help where they already are, such as the Google Play app store and SMS
• Product updates to our Web Widget and Help Center that help make customer self-service more frictionless
• Improvements to our support and chat tools that will help you make your operations efficient and teams successful

Context matters: Strategies for empowering agents with more information

You probably spend a great deal of time thinking about how to make customers happier. But what about your agents? Customers may only submit a ticket every once in awhile, but your agents are spending their day in Zendesk. By empowering your agents with more context about customers up-front, they'll become more successful support providers and you'll have eliminated painful back-and-forth exchanges that frustrate everyone involved.

Join us for this on-demand webinar with Zendesk Customer Success Executive Audrey Griffith, who will share expert advice for agent empowerment that she’s implemented with our top customers at Zendesk, including examples from Squarespace. Audrey is joined by Zendesk Apps Engineer Jeremiah Currier who will showcase new apps for delivering customer insights directly within open tickets. No matter how long you’ve been using Zendesk, this webinar is certain to surface quick wins for keeping your support team at the top of their game.

Engaging with Students in the Modern World

In today's digital world, prospective students and learners prefer an instant answer over having to wait for a pamphlet to arrive in the mail. Whether navigating through a Help Center of school-related content or engaging in an on-the-spot interaction via live chat, being able to respond immediately is paramount to providing a great support experience.

Many educational organizations use Zendesk to offer efficient, direct communication channels to their current and prospective student, faculty and staff. In this on-demand webinar, learn how Coursera and the University of Nevada, Reno used Zendesk to scale and innovate their support organizations by using multiple channels in Zendesk.
This webinar is facilitated by Ryan Kunkel, an enterprise account executive at Zendesk, and panelists include:
- Mike Robichaud, Manager of Support Products at Coursera
- Ana Fittrer, Admissions at University of Nevada, Reno
- Greg Dreyfus, Embeddables Product Manager at Zendesk
- Kristin Kwasnik, Senior Account Manager at Zendesk

The Power of Integrated Phone Support, Featuring Dorm Room Movers

Phone support is a powerful way to help your customers. But standalone phone systems, separate from other support channels, can negatively impact support operations. Agents are forced to switch between systems, which makes it difficult to keep track of customer interactions.
In this on-demand webinar, hear how Dorm Room Movers, a fast-growing shipping, storage and moving company, switched from a siloed phone system to Zendesk Voice. By making this move to integrated phone support, they created a single, seamless platform for customer communication.
Matthew Grossman, co-founder and COO of Dorm Room Movers, and Ryan Nichols, General Manager of Zendesk Voice, discuss how Zendesk Voice helped Dorm Room Movers to:

  • Consolidate software systems, boost agent productivity, and reduce operational costs
  • Gain full visibility into the customer journey and provide more personal service
  • Centralize reporting for comprehensive analytics and improved forecasting

Matthew Grossman

Matthew Grossman is co-founder and COO of Dorm Room Movers. Since launching Dorm Room Movers in 2007, right after graduating from college, he and his partner Leor Lapid have scaled operations to over 150 campuses, moving over 20,000 students nationwide. Building on the success of Dorm Room Movers, Grossman and team have launched SpaceShip, providing by-the-box storage and shipping for anyone, anywhere in the country.

What's New in Your Zendesk: Pack in the Productivity

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In our Q1 2016 “What’s New In Your Zendesk” webinar, you'll learn all about the Zendesk features released over the quarter, as well as some best practices for putting them to use. New features include the ability to CC end users, to @mention people in tickets, the Pathfinder app, a new SLA metric called "Periodic Update," the Branded Ticket Forms beta, the addition of the App Tray in the UI, article lists in Help Center, and the new Satisfaction Prediction tool.

This 30-minute recorded webinar also includes demos of the Pathfinder app and Satisfaction Prediction. Discover how these features can save time for your agents, and help to provide ever-better support.