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May new integrations bring success

New Zendesk app integrations are here. Learn all about how these integrations can help out your sales and support teams.

Av Eric Shen, Technology Alliances Strategy and Operations Manager

Senast uppdaterad May 30, 2024

Here are the newest integrations from Zendesk to help your team provide top-quality experiences.

3CX Integration by OAPPS

3CX Integration by OAPPS (Support) connects your 3CX to Zendesk. The app uses most of the features provided by Zendesk CTI. Instantly create and present a ticket to an agent, attach call recordings at the end of the call, search existing end-user profiles using the caller ID, record missed calls, place an outbound call to the requester or any other number, provide inbound line/DID tagging, and more.


Featurebase (Support) is a product feedback and changelog platform for fast-growing startups. Each time someone mentions a certain topic (e.g. requests a feature or reports a bug), you can open up the Featurebase tab in Zendesk to search for an existing post about the topic or create a brand new one. You can then subscribe the user to email updates about that specific issue along with other similar users. Once an issue has gathered enough interest in Featurebase, you can choose to implement that into your product. When released, just change the issue status from “In Progress” to “Completed” and an email will be automatically sent to all the subscribers at once. No need to update hundreds of users individually.

Google Address Autocomplete for Zendesk Guide

Google Address Autocomplete for Zendesk Guide (Support) (paid) integrates the power of Google Address Autocomplete to your Zendesk help center ticket forms to capture accurate and consistent address information each and every time. Produce clean data that can be used directly by your Zendesk agents, consumed by business-critical integrations, or extracted for analytics.

My AskAI

My AskAI (Messaging) is the easy-to-set up and affordable AI customer support chatbot for Zendesk Messaging you’ve wanted. Available 24/7 to answer your customers’ questions, it knows everything about your business and will bring your response times down and your customer satisfaction scores and retention up. Once you’ve created your AI chatbot within My AskAI and trained it on your existing help docs, you can add it to your Zendesk Messaging web widget. Then it will act as your first line of support–answering up to 75 percent of your customers’ questions.

Additional apps added in May:

  • Atlassian Jira by Sassly (Support) streamlines ticket management by enabling agents to perform various actions without leaving Zendesk. This includes creating new JIRA issues, linking existing ones, and notifying linked issues.
  • Stylo Solve (Support) is AI in Zendesk that reads and understands every customer interaction to identify problems and their answers. With the power of ChatGPT and proprietary machine-learning models, Stylo writes and sends replies to dramatically reduce the time spent on tickets.
  • OAPPS Comments for TikTok (Support) connects to your TikTok accounts and pulls your video comments as tickets. Scan your videos for comments and automatically create tickets from new comments.
  • HubSpot CRM Connect PRO by Saasly (Support) adds support ticket activity from Zendesk to HubSpot’s CRM timeline. Establish connections between Zendesk ticket requesters and new HubSpot contacts. Implement CRUD operations within the deals and engagement process. Enable real-time updates for instances upon changes in HubSpot and more.
  • Ariglad (Support) is an AI tool that auto-creates and updates your knowledge base by analyzing support tickets. When you add the Ariglad app to Zendesk, it gets right to work scanning your customer support tickets to pinpoint where your knowledge base might need a little refresh. Not only does Ariglad suggest edits to existing articles, but it also identifies gaps where new articles could be helpful.
  • Google Reviews & Questions by Saasly (Support) helps you manage Google Maps reviews and Q and A on your Google My Business listings. Seamlessly integrate all customer reviews and inquiries from Google into your Zendesk Portal. Respond promptly to their feedback and questions, boosting customer satisfaction ratings for your business.
  • Blip por White Wall (Support) allows you to manage contacts and conversations from your human customer service bot directly through Zendesk. This integration turns each new customer interaction into a Zendesk ticket, enabling real-time conversations and a more agile and integrated customer support experience.
  • Sigma AI (Support) is a customer support automation platform for e-commerce brands. It leverages AI to help resolve 80 percent of the tickets automatically across multiple channels. Sigma AI works within platforms like Zendesk and can be used to implement custom workflows for your brand.
  • Tulii Statuspage for Support (Support) helps businesses to keep customers in the loop during downtime, build complete trust, and reduce support tickets–so your team can focus on the fix. Provide support teams with superior visibility on issues for building lasting relationships through efficient issue resolution.
  • Botsonic (Support) is a state-of-the-art generative AI platform designed to revolutionize customer service through automation. The platform’s primary objective is to enable the creation of AI agents that are capable of making autonomous decisions. These decisions are informed by a comprehensive knowledge base and various data sources that the AI is trained on.
  • Automated Alerting and Reporting by SwiftCX for Support and Chat (Support) (Chat) gives your team superpowers to stay on top of all of your important data. Monitor important Ticket or Talk activity, enable powerful reports from their catalog or create your own, and connect your Slack to have all your alerts and reports distributed where you want.
  • Trigger Manager (Support) is a handy tool that lets you export all of your Zendesk Support triggers to a CSV file. View your triggers, actions, conditions, and more in CSV format.
  • LiveX AI Reply (Support) transforms Zendesk support by harnessing advanced AI to streamline workflow and deliver automated, personalized customer communications. With seamless Zendesk integration, this powerful tool provides automatic user email summaries and internal notes, generates high-quality email replies, and continuously learns from each interaction.
  • Oct8ne (Support) is an innovative visual chat tool (live chat, chatbot, and messaging) that is revolutionizing the way e-commerce interacts with its customers. With an intuitive interface, its visual support allows for real-time product or service showcasing and recommendations, offering personalized assistance both with human agents and through its chatbot, significantly boosting sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Monterey AI (Support) is your copilot for deriving valuable product insights, meticulously designed to assist enterprises in aggregating, triaging, and analyzing user feedback collected from an extensive array of sources, including Zendesk. With the capability to handle data from numerous channels–including support tickets, sales transcripts, customer surveys, and numerous other feedback mechanisms–Monterey AI ensures that businesses are equipped with a comprehensive and scalable solution for understanding customer needs and experiences.
  • AI Ticket Redaction by Knots (Support) is designed to enhance data privacy within Zendesk by automatically removing sensitive information from ticket texts and attachments. The app allows users to configure redaction settings flexibly–enabling either broad or targeted removal of sensitive data, depending on the organization’s specific needs. This includes personal information, confidential business details, or sensitive data.
  • TeleWizard (Support) is an AI-driven call center solution that lets you launch a fully functional call center in minutes. Deploy AI agents that handle phone calls with the empathy and efficiency of human agents, operating 24/7 without downtimes. AI agents are custom-trained on your Zendesk Help Center articles and business website to provide informed and contextually relevant support.
  • Omni Thanks GPT (Support) is your automated ticket resolution companion. Close “thanks” tickets effortlessly. Say goodbye to manual ticket triaging and hello to a smoother, more efficient support workflow.
  • Wrike Connector by Be-Simple (Support) helps you connect Wrike to Zendesk. With this connector, your support and product teams will be on the same page when a development issue arises. Easily escalate a Zendesk Support ticket to a Wrike issue and share critical information between teams easily.
  • TopCX.ai (Support) is an innovative application integrated within Zendesk Support designed to enhance customer support experiences and optimize agent performance. Utilizing advanced generative AI, the app streamlines support processes, improves response accuracy, and provides valuable insights.
  • charles (Support) is a leading WhatsApp marketing platform made in Berlin. Seamlessly create Zendesk tickets from a WhatsApp conversation and let your agents respond to them via the familiar Zendesk interface. Automatically collect detailed information such as order numbers and product photos via WhatsApp, ensuring faster and more accurate ticket resolutions and improving overall customer satisfaction.

New themes added in May:

Foxo 128 is a sleek and modern Zendesk theme designed for various business sectors. It emphasizes creative design services, digital strategy solutions, and technical expertise–making it ideal for organizations seeking to provide top-tier support.

Exxo 128 is an elegant Zendesk theme tailored for various business sectors with a particular focus on finance and financial institutions. It’s ideal for organizations such as banks, credit unions, insurance companies, and other financial service providers that need to share information on banking products, account management, and financial planning.

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