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Sometimes the best thing you can do for customers is to get out of their way. In fact, before reaching out to support channels, 81% of customers try to take care of their own problem. Zendesk empowers businesses to be where your customers are—across channels and devices—with smart self-service. So your customers can get their own answers, improving customer and agent satisfaction.

Our smart self-service solution

Zendesk Support logo GUIDEKnowledge base and smart self-service

Use your know-how

Zendesk Guide is a smart knowledge base that helps you harness the power of institutional knowledge. With Guide, you can quickly build a customizable help center and customer portal.

Answer Bot icon ANSWER BOTVirtual customer assistance

AI for self-service

Answer Bot uses machine learning to answer customer questions with content from your knowledge base. It provides custom-tailored answers to meet their needs. It’s multilingual and works across a variety of channels like web, mobile, and Slack, and has an open API.

Gather icon GATHEROnline community forums

Strength in numbers

Zendesk Gather is community forum software that creates a space for your customers to collaborate with your business and one another. Let your customers share ideas, exchange tips and provide feedback in a productive and engaging environment.

Zendesk Support logo SUPPORTIntegrated customer support

Come together in one place

It all comes home in Zendesk Support, where you can keep track of all your customer support interactions. Support integrates self-service activity into relevant knowledge base content so agents can make their interactions with customers seamless, personal, and efficient.


Give them a bigger voice

A well-stocked knowledge base is the cornerstone of self-service—but putting one together can be a daunting task. Zendesk makes it easier for you to provide your customers with the resources they need to help themselves. First, create a help center for customers with a smart knowledge base. Then give them a bigger voice via a Community and a dedicated space where they can manage their inquiries with a Customer Portal. And bring everything together with AI to automate tasks, give recommendations and predictions to create better experiences wherever your agents and customers are.


Take the first step

Self-service works best when it’s seamlessly incorporated into the overall support experience. Unlock your agents' potential with instant knowledge base access so they can help customers quickly with reliable content right at their fingertips. This gives your agents the power to develop relevant content to use and increase their productivity. Leverage AI to respond to customer situations that don’t require a human touch so your agents can devote their attention to complex issues—giving your business a complete picture of the customer journey.


A dynamic duo

It’s true—humans and machines work well together, and the best self-service support is built with artificial intelligence. According to Gartner, having relevant and quick self-service increases customer satisfaction by 12%. AI integrated support can automate and resolve customer issues when done right. Like Answer Bot, which recommends knowledge base articles to customers and Content Cues, which uses machine learning to predict trends that agents can’t catch. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Using AI for better self service

See how AI can be used to create better customer experiences

By the numbers

The proof is in the data, this is how our customers use smart self-service to provide better customer experiences.

of customers agree that upgrading to Zendesk Guide Enterprise improved their businesses self-service—leading to increased customer satisfaction and agent productivity.

of customers agree that team publishing makes it easier for their team to create content, gather insights, and keep track of content and updates in a streamlined way.

“We spend a lot of time trying to gain efficiencies and improve our self-service. We want to eliminate the unnecessary questions and field the basic ones that don’t need a human interaction, so we can put in the time to provide a personalized and high-touch experience to customers, wherever they are in their journey.”

Raphael Fontes

Vice President of Customer Operations

95%Self-service success rate

27%Increase in knowledge use without increasing headcount

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