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Meet A4C

Thriving computer software company triples productivity with Sell

About the Company

A4C (App For Chauffeurs) is an LA based software company that offers a top level business management platform for ground transportation companies.

The Challenge

A4C (App For Chauffeurs) is a software solution for ground transportation services. Stemming from one of Europe’s leading training academies, A4C prides itself on providing a customer-centric, customizable experience for licensed chauffeur businesses. What started out as a small operation in Paris, France in 2014 grew into a prosperous Los Angeles based company, and their pipeline has been growing exponentially ever since. Chief Sales Officer, Dion McIntosh, discusses how A4C began searching for a scalable solution that would minimize manual work and boost efficiency.

Like many up and coming startups, A4C’s early years consisted of a one-man sales team and sending countless emails. However, as their team and pipeline developed, it became clear that emails just wouldn’t cut it. “We were calling the same leads twice because we weren’t tracking anything,” recalls Dion. Recognizing the need for a structured sales solution, Dion looked at a variety of CRM systems before initially choosing Salesforce. “We started using Salesforce and it was really complicated for us. It was very difficult to streamline our processes.” After experimenting with Salesforce for a few weeks, Dion ultimately decided to continue his CRM search. “I needed something that was robust enough to grow and scale with us, yet simple enough so that the team could get their job done.”

The Solution

Six months later A4C’s sales process has made remarkable strides with Sell. Dion explains that their sales team now uses Sell on a daily basis to stay on track, using everything from email tracking and appointments to call logging and tasks. From the top-down, A4C has embraced Sell’s sales productivity tools, which in turn has led to increased lead conversions and more visibility. “All in all, Sell has given our sales process a beautiful flow,” shares Dion.

Specifically, A4C’s inside sales team has seen striking process developments.

“Before, each member of our sales team made 20 calls per day. There was a lot of cumbersome, manual data entry. Now, each person can make about 60 calls per day. We have tripled our productivity with Sell.”

Dion elaborates, sharing that such improvements can be seen because Sell is innate with efficient, time-saving sales productivity tools. “Instead of wasting minutes a day manually entering data, we can enter all of the notes for a call in 10 seconds. This is huge.”

The Results

Such staggering results would not have been possible without high adoption from the sales team. Dion emphasizes this exact point, citing Sell’s unique usability factor.

“We used Salesforce for two weeks. By the end of that period, people were just as confused about the process as they were in the beginning. After 24 hours of using Sell everyone was clear – it’s just that straight-forward. Sell was clearly developed by someone who really understands sales productivity.”

While still exploring Sell’s many nuances, Dion is thrilled with the improvements he’s seen thus far. With more dials being made everyday, Dion is assured that his team can now not only keep up with demands, but also save more time. “I can do more in a day than I was able to before,” says Dion. As a sales leader in a thriving company, there’s no better outcome. We look forward to following A4C’s story as they drive ground transportation services into a new age.

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