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Meet BitPagos

Bitcoin platform uses Sell to drive global expansion

About the Company

Founded in 2012, BitPagos is a Argentinian financial services company that provides bitcoin services and transfers across Latin America.

The Challenge

BitPagos is a web platform based in Buenos Aires that facilitates bitcoin transactions. As a young company in a booming industry, the economic climate in Latin America catapulted BitPagos to success and made them a beacon of light for the tourism industry. With new offices, plans to expand to Europe, and a sales force that has tripled over the past year, BitPagos found that it needed a solution with global capacity. Business Development Manager, Sofia Van Thienen, shares BitPagos’ journey to find a CRM that would meet their needs as they scaled.

Early on BitPagos used Excel spreadsheets to track their small sales team before then advancing to Smartsheets. However, as their funnel grew so did their sales team, and Smartsheet simply couldn’t keep up. Unable to scale with their sales team, Sophia and the management team went back to the drawing board. “I’ve had prior experience with Salesforce, so that was automatically one option that we considered. But we couldn’t afford that kind of a system, what with the overhead and in-house costs. We wanted to find a solution that was as good, if not better, than Salesforce and that offered the same robustness. And it had to be more affordable for a young, growing company,” Sophia explains. After some research, BitPagos would find the solution they needed.

The Solution

“Base really helps us in our day to day tasks. Everybody uses it and reps know what they need to do as soon as they enter the office.” Today, BitPagos uses Sell to keep their entire sales process running smoothly. Everything from scheduling and making calls, to calendar invites and email tracking is done through Sell. “I really love being able to make a call and then immediately select the call outcome; it saves me time day after day. I also love the communication tracking. I can get in touch with an prospect a week after we’ve spoken, and all I need to do is glance over their contact card for 30 seconds in Sell and I’ll know everything I need to know.”

BitPagos has truly embraced everything that Sell has to offer. Key features like tasks and notifications have completely transformed how the sales team tracks their leads. Further, the Sell mobile app has made it easy for the team to manage their sales from anywhere. “Base has given us tools that are critical for our business to grow and scale. That’s why every sales rep is using it. In fact, it’s harder for our reps to understand bitcoins than it is for them to understand Sell.”

The Results

Since their implementation, BitPagos has transformed into a completely new sales team. With their data now centralized, they’re able to reach out to more prospects faster. Sophia goes on to explain that lacking such an all-inclusive hub for their prospect information had made it very difficult to tap in to various tourism markets in the past.

“Before Sell, we had very little information on our prospects, which was a huge loss for us because we have a very big scope of potential opportunities. With Sell, we’ve been able to reach out to ten times as many prospects.”

With customers now in Argentina, and Venezuela, as well as plans to expand into Greece, BitPagos is challenging the ecommerce industry and stretching its reach. “Today we’re able to reach out to a larger audience. This wasn’t possible before, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Sell.”

Success Made with Sell Solutions

These solutions help BitPagos take their sales to the next level faster than ever.

Lead Tracking

Lead Tracking

Sell makes it easy to quickly gain context on leads and action follow up in record time.

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Customer Management

Customer Management

Everything you need to know about a customer in one place.

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Rep Productivity

Rep Productivity

Make every action count with tools proven to make sales reps 10x more productive.

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