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Meet Brand Collective

Brand Collective Boosts Quality Sales Activities by 30% with Sell

About the Company

Brand Collective unites market-leading international and Australian lifestyle brands across apparel, footwear and accessories.

The Challenge

When Nikos Psaltopoulos joined Brand Collective as Head of Sales and Innovation, the team had no dedicated sales platform in place, so they were keeping their own records and providing ad hoc reports. This disjointed approach offered little clarity into sales drivers and activities across the organization. “I needed immediate insight into how we were supporting our prospects and customers and what we needed to work on to grow our business,” says Nikos.

The Solution

After looking into a few different cloud-based applications, Brand Collective made the decision to go with Sell’s All-in-One Sales Platform due to its ease of use, superior capabilities and customer success team. Now, Brand Collective’s sales, customer success and accounts receivable teams all look to Sell to manage prospect and customer relationships.

One tool that the Brand Collective team relies on heavily is Sell’s email integration. Not only does the ability to send and receive emails directly in Sell save time, but it also keeps all communication organized and in context, providing prospects and customers with seamless interactions and experiences. “Base’s email integration has given clear and instant account visibility to our stakeholders,” says Nikos. “It has effectively changed our business culture from ‘my customer’ to ‘our customer’ by enabling more collaborative conversations.”

Another of Brand Collective’s favorite Sell features is Smart Lists, which allow reps to quickly sort and filter leads and contacts by any tag or field, highlighting areas where they can make a positive business impact. The team also uses Sell’s native mobile app to access all its lead and contact information on the go. Geolocation enables field sales reps to see which accounts are nearby and allocate their time accordingly.

The Results

From the moment Brand Collective started working with the Sell team, Nikos knew they made the right decision. “We told the team that we needed to be up and running in 4 weeks, and they made it happen,” he recalls. “From that moment forward, Sell has been our partner. It’s been a year and a half since then and if anything our communication has only increased.” What’s more, despite disparity in rep experience levels, Brand Collective’s sales team has fully adopted Sell thanks to its intuitive user interface.

With reps consistently tracking emails and other actions in Sell, Brand Collective has seen a 30% increase in sales activity. By overlaying activities and sales numbers, the retailer has also seen the quality of these activities increase. “All activity results are transparent across the business,” tells Nikos. “Being able to hold reps accountable has really killed the status quo by injecting our culture with a dose of healthy competition.”

"The moment we implemented Sell, we had an immediate window into the world of our sales team across Australia and New Zealand. Having Sell on board gives us insight into customer needs that help us decide what direction to take our business." Nikos Psaltopoulos Head of Sales and Innovation at Brand Collective

This influx of activity and performance data led Brand Collective to hire its very own Sales Scientist, Anna Bristow. Anna analyzes sales data to identify the types of customers and activities generating the most value across different sales territories. “With such high levels of platform adoption, getting accurate, quality data with Sell is easy,” says Anna. “Base has enabled me to provide the sales team with prescriptive insights that drive action in ways that really impact our bottom line.”

Nikos concludes, “We’ve been able to lead our business more strategically with the insights we’ve gained from Sell. Thanks to Sell, we’ve been able to make clear-cut decisions on structure, investments and more that have resulted in major growth at a time when the rest of the industry is facing so many challenges.

Success Made with Sell Solutions

These solutions help Brand Collective take their sales to the next level faster than ever.

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Customer Management

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Email Intelligence

Email Intelligence

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Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

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