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Meet Dom and Tom

Inc. 500 company Dom & Tom sells more with Sell

About the Company

Dom & Tom is a fast growing mobile and web development agency founded in 2009 that specializes in emerging technologies across industries and platforms.

The Challenge

Dom & Tom is a digital agency founded by twin brothers Dominic and Tom Tancredi. With rapid growth in their Chicago and New York offices, Dom & Tom have catapulted themselves to success, and was recently ranked #382 in the 2014 Inc. 500 list. After achieving success early on, the company knew they would need a CRM to further boost sales. Director of Business Development, Drew Papadeas shares how Sell has helped increase pipeline visibility and maintain personal client relationships for the company.

Early on, Dom & Tom used spreadsheets to manage their sales, but this proved to be a temporary solution. “It comes down to tracking and contact management as you grow as a company. “As a single salesperson, I didn’t really need a full blown CRM so I created a Google spreadsheet, tracked everything there and it was manageable. But then as you talk about scaling and growing, expanding teams and coming up with accurate sales reports, then you start to feel the pain of spreadsheets and look for a solution that gives everyone better visibility into the sales process,” says Drew. Growth meant that the company was entering into a new phase, one that led Dom & Tom to pursue a CRM solution. Yet Drew didn’t want a CRM that went against their core values. They needed a CRM that made it easy to collaborate on leads, offered full visibility into client relationships, tracked sales opportunities, and was able to give managers the pipeline visibility they wanted. Sell did just this.

The Solution

Sell has become an integral part of Dom & Tom’s sales process because it provides all that they need to achieve success in a high-level networking environment. Features like communication tracking and contact management have made it easier for Dom & Tom to maintain the high standard of personal client relationships they worked hard to establish.

Dom & Tom has also been able to gain higher visibility into its sales pipeline with Sell. “I’m constantly on the sales pipeline page. I like getting the quick overview. Some nice details that are in there when I’m looking at active deals is that I can see the tasks that need to be completed, the current stage of the deal, and I can sort by several different options or group and filter by owner. It’s a great overview of what everyone is working on,” says Drew.

The Results

In their weekly sales meetings, the sales team, Drew, and even Dom & Tom turn to Sell to evaluate their pipeline and prepare for the future. Thanks to Sell, reps and managers alike now have a clearer sales picture.

“Base has made us more methodical and scientific about the sales process which is fantastic. It’s also helped us forecast and predict which allows us to set strategies and get campaigns in place,” said Drew while reflecting on Sell’s impact at Dom & Tom.

“It’s a nice level foundation for sales strategy and sales tactics. It’s very methodical. Sell has honed us in as process driven.”

Looking ahead, Dom & Tom plans to continue their rapid growth, and delight their clients. Sell is here to help Drew and the Dom & Tom team continue to deliver the one-to-one personal touch that has earned them the success they have today.

Success Made with Sell Solutions

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Rep Productivity

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Reporting and Analytics

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Sales Forecasting

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