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Meet Enable Education

Educational technology innovator builds prosperous customer relationships with Sell

About the Company

Enable Education provides education content development services, and has developed an innovative hands-on learning platform.

The Challenge

Enable Education is a Toronto based educational content technology company that was founded in 2006. Enable has been growing steading over the past few years. In 2013, Enable Education began their search for a CRM that would provide ample relationship tracking tools and visibility. CEO, Ben Zimmer, explains their journey and how Sell has drastically improved their customer relationships.

During their early years Enable Education used Smartsheet to manage their pipeline. However, as their sales team began to grow, they found that this solution was no longer adequate for their needs. “As our sales team grew and different people started managing different opportunities it became too difficult to manage it all in spreadsheets,” recalls Ben. He then explains that because of the nature of their pipeline, they needed better relationship management tools. “We have a low number of very high-value deals, so good communication tracking is vital. It can make or break our month.” Enable Education needed to find a CRM that would bring them robust tracking and integration tools that would streamline their process while also saving them time. They found their expectations were not only met, but exceeded with Sell.

The Solution

Since implementing Sell in 2013, Enable Education has found a new level of organization and management solutions at their disposal. Ben can now get the insights he needs to stay informed at all times. “The Sales Insight Dashboard and tasks help me organize my day. I always have things to do and people to follow up with – Sell helps me structure everything.” Sell further helped bring high visibility and communication tracking to Enable Education’s sales pipeline. “Base makes it easy to switch people in and out of deals. We can easily take a look at someone’s notes and know exactly what’s going on because everything is in one place.”

Base’s integrations have also helped Ben and his team save ample time every day. “In the past, as soon as we sent an email we had to copy and paste everything into a spreadsheet in order to track it – it was so time consuming. Now, we have our email automatically integrated into Sell, which saves us so much time,” explains Ben. He further describes how Sell’s various secondary software integrations have both wowed and helped the sales team sell better. “Base’s integrated automatic dialer and Google integrations are really great to use. They’re very convenient and save us time,” says Ben.

The Results

Sell has given Enable Education the tools they need to organize and maintain their customer relations in a time- saving manner. Ben explains that Sell has directly impacted the time spent on often tedious tasks, like onboarding.

“It took our managers 50 less hours to train a new lead generation hire, compared to the time it would have taken if we were still using spreadsheets. Our managers could easily walk new hires through how Sell works. It was fast for everyone involved.”

The numbers speak for themselves. Increased communication tracking and visibility have given Enable Education the tools they need to provide impeccable service and attention to their customers. With Sell by their side, they can delight more customers and foster more fruitful relationships as they continue to grow.

Success Made with Sell Solutions

These solutions help Enable Education take their sales to the next level faster than ever.

Rep Productivity

Rep Productivity

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Email Productivity

Email Productivity

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Native Dialer

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