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Meet Guerrero Howe

Guerrero Howe Gets Scientific about Sales with Sell Apollo

About the Company

Guerrero Howe is a media company that recognizes, promotes and develops great executives by connecting business leaders through custom networking events and seven industry-leading magazines.

The Challenge

Guerrero Howe provides business insights and inspiration by featuring leading global executives in publications and networking platforms. Founded in 2006, Guerrero Howe publishes Hispanic Executive, Advantage, Profile, American Builders Quarterly, Sync, Modern Counsel and AHL and runs The Alumni Society. As a growing privately held company with a unique referral-based sales model, the publisher sought a more measurable, scalable and repeatable way to maximize ad revenue.

Because of its unique referral process, it’s critical for Guerrero Howe to understand where its best referrals are coming from to determine how sales reps can most effectively spend their time. “We’ve always instinctively identified leads that we assumed would be the most effective, but this was largely an intuitive exercise. We wanted a better way to evaluate our leads rather than relying on gut instinct alone,” says Kyle Evangelista, VP of Sales at Guerrero Howe. “We knew we wanted to show reps a path to working smarter, and that the key was in our data.”

The Solution

Base’s new scientific sales solution, Apollo, is revolutionizing the way that businesses measure, analyze and improve sales performance. Thanks to thousands of hours spent researching the key components of sales growth, Apollo is able to provide every company with a unique Sales Genome. Configured using Sell’s advanced big data technology and powerful scientific engine, the Sales Genome is a complete codification of hundreds of factors impacting sales performance. By leveraging the Sales Genome across key conversion points using a proven and consistent formula, Apollo is able to uncover actionable, quantifiable insights around the specific steps a company can take to increase sales.

"Rather than focusing on leads that have a low chance of success, Sell enables our reps to hone in on the most successful advertisers and grow our relationships with those partners." Kyle Evangelista VP of Sales at Guerrero Howe

Guerrero Howe soon became one of Sell’s first Apollo customers, with Sell having captured more than 41 million data points for the company including prospect title, function and industry. With Apollo and the help of Sell’s Sales Scientists, the publisher quickly identified profiles of prospects who were providing high quantities of referrals; however, these deals represented only a small percentage of total revenue. While these referrals generated significant revenue per deal, they were not being closed. After analyzing this information by the dimension of sales rep, Apollo revealed that the reason for this was rep-related, with some reps closing these specific deals at a much higher rate than others.

The Results

With a clear understanding of the types of prospects that generate the best referrals, Kyle’s team knows exactly where to focus its efforts and can more quickly qualify prospects. “Rather than focusing on leads that have a low chance of success, our reps can now hone in on the most successful advertisers and grow our relationships with those partners,” says Kyle. “The insights we’ve gained allow us to help reps focus their time and efforts toward the most effective channels, as well as pinpoint opportunities to coach reps in areas where they might need additional training and resources.” With the ability to consistently measure the key factors driving performance through Apollo, Guerrero Howe is looking forward to working with Sell to further analyze, understand and transform sales processes across each of its seven publications.

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