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Meet Impulsora Diesel

Sell fuels pipeline expansion and brings industrial machinery to a new age

About the Company

Impulsora Diesel is a Mexico-based company providing new and used heavy machinery across various industries.

The Challenge

Founded in 1958, Impulsora Diesel is an heavy equipment company with various agencies throughout Mexico. With inside and outside sales teams in multiple cities, Impulsora Diesel found that tracking their pipeline, or any communication for that matter, was practically impossible without a viable CRM solution. After years of not having a CRM in place, Impulsora Diesel decided to venture head- first into the world of sales productivity software. General Manager, Julio Manzano, describes the company’s path to finding a CRM that would ultimately expand their sales pipeline.

Before beginning their search for a CRM, Impulsora Diesel was only tracking leads individually. This led to limited visibility for management and virtually no documented communication tracking for sales reps. “Before Sell we were only tracking leads on the top of our minds.We knew the sales team went out but we couldn’t track who they visited or how the meeting went. Because of this we couldn’t advise our sales force on how productive their customer interaction really was” says Julio. After briefly looking into Salesforce, Impulsora Diesel found that they wanted a better solution that would bring more flexibility and simplicity. This led them to Sell, a match that would take their sales pipeline to new heights.

The Solution

Impulsora Diesel currently uses Sell for a number of daily tasks, allowing them to increase their efficiency and heighten their visibility. “Base has had a huge impact on our day to day business,” remarks Julio, and this impact can be seen across the board in how Impulsora Diesel now conducts business. The sales team now uses Sell to make appointments, set tasks, and manage their pipeline. Meanwhile, sales managers turn to Sell to get an in-depth look into their data through reporting analytics like funnel and sales goals reports, and can gain insight on their pipeline at any time with features like smart lists.

Julio emphasizes the remarkable impact Sell has had on Impulsora Diesel’s overall efficiency.

“Base makes us organized and helps us decide where to invest our time in the most productive way. It helps us see what the next step is with each contact and each deal. We can now ask ourselves what’s going to be our next step to make the sale happen.”

With a sales process that can span anywhere from four months to one year, having forecasting metrics in place are invaluable and let managers cast a net into the company’s future. “What Sell allowed us to do was not only measure our performance on the number of forklifts sold, but also measure what we would be able to sell in 2015.”

The Results

Impulsora Diesel’s sales have drastically gone up since starting with Sell a year and a half ago. “The number of new leads in our pipeline has increased by 80%” recalls Julio. With their pipeline expanding and more opportunities on the horizon Julio is looking forward to their future sales endeavors knowing that they have the perfect CRM tool by their side. Sell helped set Impulsora Diesel up for success, giving them a database they could develop a winning process around. “Base is a great tool because it’s very easy to use, easy to adopt, and it gives you great flexibility. It lets you define what you need to do, then sets you up for what you need.”

Success Made with Sell Solutions

These solutions help Impulsora Diesel take their sales to the next level faster than ever.

Rep Productivity

Rep Productivity

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Native Dialer

Native Dialer

Make more calls in less time with a built-in dialing system that powers meaningful conversations.

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Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Uncover data-driven sales insights with robust, out-of-the-box visual reporting.

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