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Meet Simpleray

Simpleray creates a customized, data-driven sales process with Sell

About the Company

Simpleray is a turn-key solar installer that offers planning, financing and installations for solar energy solutions in both the commercial and private sectors.

The Challenge

The solar energy market is exploding in the Midwest, and as Simpleray grew, it became increasingly apparent that the sales team was unsure where to focus its efforts to drive the best results. Vice President David Birchmier led the search for a solution and discusses how custom integrations and data science have optimized Simpleray’ sales processes.

In its early days, Simpleray used ad hoc sales tracking tools, which hindered sales productivity and siloed data across multiple point solutions. David quickly saw that things needed to change and began his search for a sales platform that his team would adopt and could yield actionable insights. “I needed a solution that didn’t restrict our sales team and instead would let us build out a measurable process that worked for us,” says David. David was looking for an intuitive and extensible platform, and after briefly evaluating Salesforce and Nutshell, he found exactly what he needed with Sell.

The Solution

Simpleray was able to easily integrate Sell with its marketing system to better capture, qualify and manage leads. “Once someone fills out a contact form all lead capture data is pushed to Sell, triggering an automated email and auto-assigning the lead to a sales rep,” explains David. Various custom lead statuses in Sell have been set up to automatically fire customized emails, and location data is captured to improve the qualification process. “Our industry is very geolocation focused, so we need to know where our prospects are located to assess whether or not they’re viable leads. By having a Google Maps snapshot of their locations automatically pull into Sell, we can do that.”

With an organized process in place to capture accurate sales data, Simpleray turned to Sell’s new scientific sales solution, Apollo. Thanks to thousands of hours spent researching the key factors of sales growth, Apollo is revolutionizing the way that businesses like Simpleray measure, analyze and improve sales. Using advanced big data technology and a powerful scientific engine, Apollo is able to configure each company’s unique Sales Genome, a complete codification of hundreds of factors impacting sales performance. It then leverages the Sales Genome across key conversion points using a proven and consistent formula to uncover actionable, quantifiable sales insights.

The Results

For David, having a scientific and extensible platform behind his sales team has made all the difference. “You simply can’t achieve your maximum potential as a company if you’re restricted by your platform’s APIs and big data capabilities,” he says. Using the Sell API has allowed Simpleray to build custom integrations that fully meet its use case, and the results have been remarkable. “Before Sell, we acquired 8 leads a week. Today, we acquire roughly 400 leads a month,” David reveals.

After capturing more than 695,000 data points using Sell, Simpleray was able to uncover real-time, actionable insights with Apollo. These insights enable David to better coach his reps as to where to focus their efforts to maximize sales growth. “Apollo has been able to tell us which lead sources and competitors we should be going after, and the right reps to take on these deals,” continues David. “I’m super impressed by the level of insight our team can achieve with Apollo, and can’t wait to continue capturing and analyzing our data over time.”

Success Made with Sell Solutions

These solutions help Simpleray take their sales to the next level faster than ever.

Lead and Opportunity Scoring

Lead and Opportunity Scoring

Focus on the highest value leads and opportunities.

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Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Uncover data-driven sales insights with robust, out-of-the-box visual reporting.

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