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Meet Kontakt Improves Its Customer Experience with Sell and Zendesk

About the Company

Founded in 2013, is a leading global provider of bluetooth proximity technologies. Kontakt is dedicated to creating convenient, personalized experiences by making objects and devices smarter and contextually aware.

The Challenge

Proximity technology is complex, requiring’s support team to help field customers’ technical questions during both the sales and onboarding process. The company quickly realized that, to maintain a positive customer experience and enhance productivity, sales and support needed a better way to collaborate with one another. “There was a lot of back and forth between sales and support, and still neither team had full context around customer communications,” says Martin Calzada, Technical Support Lead at

The Solution

As a Sell and Zendesk customer, Kontakt quickly made the decision to connect the two systems using the companies’ pre-built integration. The integration provides sales rep visibility into support activity within Sell and, in turn, automatically makes sales data visible within Zendesk.

This full account context enables sales and support to collaborate more efficiently and deliver cohesive customer experiences. The ability for sales reps to log detailed notes, send emails and record calls in Sell gives Kontakt support reps further context around particular questions or tickets.

"Without a doubt, the Sell and Zendesk integration has improved our customer experience by aligning sales and support and providing them with the context they need to close more deals and delight our customers." Martin Calzada Technical Support Lead at

Using the data captured by Sell and Zendesk, Kontakt is also able to generate meaningful reports and insights around customer health that help flag at-risk accounts. “We have essentially created profiles of the types of issues and knowledge gaps customers of different industries, sizes, etc. tend to run into so that we can address these as quickly as possible,” tells Martin.

The Results

Thanks to the Sell and Zendesk integration, Kontakt reps now have a 360 degree account view without having to chase down more information or switch between applications. This has improved both sales and support productivity, resulting in an 18% increase in support request capacity. It has also helped streamline and fast-track the customer onboarding process.

With clear insight into past communications, open tickets and support history within Sell, sales reps can better time their upsell conversations, while support reps can provide the best service possible. “Without a doubt, the Sell and Zendesk integration has improved our customer experience by aligning sales and support and providing them with the context they need to close more deals and delight our customers,” says Martin.

Another positive side effect of this tightknit sales and support collaboration is the ability to identify common knowledge gaps and training opportunities among the sales team. According to Martin, “Not only do we now understand our customers and their needs better, but we also have greater visibility into internal challenges and misconceptions. The more knowledgeable everyone on the team is about the product, the better experience our customers will have.”

Success Made with Sell Solutions

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