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Meet Medical Justice

Sell sales productivity proves to be key missing piece for outside sales team

About the Company

Medical Justice is a North Carolina based software company that provides lawsuit protection and reputation management services for medical professionals.

The Challenge

Founded by Dr. Jeffrey Segal in 1998, Medical Justice is a proactive liability service committed to maintaining the identity and reputation of medical practices across the country. With an active team of independent sales reps out on the road, Medical Justice found that their original CRM was no longer working for them. This meant trying to find a new CRM with mobility and integration that would facilitate adoption from the team.

For many years Medical Justice used Infusionsoft. While the system helped automate tasks, it fell flat in providing a well-rounded, integrated CRM solution. Technical Marketing Manager Ben Bailess describes that using Infusionsoft often felt cluttered. “The data was really poorly organized. We tried for months to clean it up and it was just not fruitful at all. And because of this, the campaigns and marketing portions kept breaking.”

Infusionsoft also didn’t give the sales team the mobility they needed. With a bring your own device culture at work and a team of 1099s on the road daily, it was imperative for the sales team to have a robust yet easy to use mobile solution. Spreadsheets and standard CRM solutions, which Ben refers to as their “cobbled together system” simply weren’t going to cut it for an external sales force. After trying Microsoft Dynamic and finding it to be overly-complicated, they found the answer to their problems: Sell.

The Solution

Today, Medical Justice uses Sell extenisvely because it offers robust simplicity. VP of Sales and Marketing, Ronnie Dean, describes that the team uses Sell for task automation, deal customization, smart lists, reports, and sales forecasting. In turn, this has helped streamline the team’s sales process. Ronnie explains how Sell has helped prioritize their leads. “Things were staying in the sales cycle too long. Now I can categorize which deals to work on and why,” says Ronnie.

While Sell is used as Medical Justice’s sales platform, an in-house system is used for relationship management. “We have a hybrid approach going on where our account manage side is using the custom built proprietary system, and then the sales team uses Sell,” says Ben. Information is seamlessly and consistently shared between both systems. For Ben, having a “platform that other apps can interface with” was key, and Sell has been able to integrate with their tools so they can be as efficient as possible.

The Results

It’s always difficult to unify independent sales agents behind a CRM, and Ben notes that their sales team was definitely resistant to change. However, Sell’s intuitive design helped break the adoption barrier.

“Base made it really simple for us to make a lot of enhancements to the way that we deliver our service without having to ask a whole lot of our sales reps which was really nice,” says Ben.

With greater visibility into their team, Medical Justice now has the tools for road selling success thanks to Sell.

Success Made with Sell Solutions

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Email Productivity

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